Long story short: Test yourself, be socially responsible


The third round of nationwide ART kits distribution is upon us. This means some 1.5 million households in Singapore will see 10 ART kits in their mailboxes very soon. The mood this time, however, is more positive (no pun intended) than the last two distributions. Two reasons on the positivity. One, we are riding this current wave with almost no Safe Management Measures (SMMs). Second, this current distribution is happening when Singapore’s Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (Dorscon) status is yellow, as compared to the previous two distributions in 2021, when it was orange, a more severe status. Sure, we are in a better position now due to the trust between Government and people, with the population responding very well to the national Covid-19 vaccination drive and adhering to the SMMs. But, not to be a party pooper here, we are obliged to continue to be socially responsible. Meeting seniors or the more vulnerable? Test. Feeling unwell? Test daily as a positive results may take some time to develop. Remember, living with the virus doesn’t mean the virus is gone; it just means we have to keep up with the good habits developed over the past two years: practising good hygiene and testing ourselves regularly. Now that we know probing our noses is the first line of defence and can save lives, why wouldn’t we continue doing it?

Cover photo credit: Mika Baumeister on Unsplash