Doing what’s necessary to secure a better tomorrow, even if a political price has to be paid today


“With the decision to repeal Section 377A, do you think there’s a political price to pay for the Government and the People’s Action Party?”

Without missing a beat, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong answered CNA’s question with conviction and moral leadership, that is synonymous with past leaders of Singapore.

The short answer? The PAP Government has to focus on doing what is right.

“That’s not how we look at the issue. I’ve been in public service long enough to know that in government, you can’t please everyone all of the time,” he said matter-of-factly during the interview with CNA on Aug 22.

DPM Wong believed that the new balance brought to the table by the PAP Government, one of reflecting societal attitudes toward gay sex and preserving current and social norms, is the right balance to strike but also noted that not everyone would be pleased with it.

“In the end, the government has to make a judgement and do what we believe is right for the wider good of Singapore and Singaporeans,” he explained.

The truth is, and as noted by DPM Wong, Singapore’s diverse status means that it’s impossible for one single group to get what they want.

But Singaporeans can rest easy that Singapore possesses the right leadership, with leaders with the conviction to do the right thing.

Without question, keeping society intact is foremost on DPM’s mind and Singaporeans can take comfort in how the Party has led Singapore out of thorny issues multiple times in the past 57 years.

“That’s how we have dealt with sensitive issues with in the past. That’s how we are dealing with this issue now and that’s how we can continue to deal with sensitive issues going forward while keeping our social fabric intact,” he said.

As PM Lee said in his National Day Rally speech, Singapore’s continued success depends on having the correct leaders to make the tough calls, even if it may cost them some votes.

This Government will continue to do what is right for Singaporeans and to secure a better brighter tomorrow, even if a political price has to be paid today.

Cover photo credit: PM Lee Facebook