Actually, free OCK @ CCK wasn’t just last week


Hot off the food truck TikTok is another viral story about daily life in Singapore.

This time, it’s about free Old Chang Kee (OCK) @ yo doorstep (if you live in Chua Chu Kang GRC).


what a wonderful start, we love free food 😍 @oldchangkeesingapore Thank you MP

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TikToker Jayrzzz.cyril scored a curry puff, chicken nuggets and hotdogs from OCK’s mobile food truck at Block 434 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 last Sunday morning (Sep 18).

So did other residents. And the rain didn’t stop them.

And next to the truck, helping distribute the karipop + extra treats? MP Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim (Keat Hong).

Ongoing breakfast distributions

Turns out, free OCK breakfasts here and there are a regular part of living in CCK.

“We have been running such food trucks since December last year,” MP Zhulkarnain posted on Facebook Sep 21.

“We try to cover areas without direct access to eateries and get residents’ inputs on the same. This is a continuation of our Keat Hong-wide eateries survey in 2020,” he added.

Mr Zhulkarnain said that this initiative tries to cover areas without direct access to eateries.

“So far our previous Breakfast distribution were at: Blk 459 Z4, Blk 485C Z9, Blk 447 Z3, Blk 273 Z6, Blk 420 Z7 & recently at Blk 434 Z2.”

“These trucks are part of plans to bring more food options in Keat Hong from pasar malam trade fairs, renovation of Sunshine Place, to the opening of SAFRA CCK soon and the future hawker centre in CCK Central,” explained Mr Zhulkarnain.

Mr Zhulkarnain has also assisted in distributing Korban meat around CCK during Hari Raya Haji and, thinking long-term, asked Parliament for updates on this future CCK hawker centre.

One more thing: do tell your CCK friends that more free OCK’s akan datang.  

“Meanwhile look out for our next breakfast food truck in Zone 8 (Keat Hong residents living around Blk 400plus) — tentatively on 1 Oct. Exact location will depend on parking and the weather,” posted MP Zhulkarnain.

“So please come out early and join me for breakfast. You snooze, you lose!”