Tan Chuan-Jin jios Ong Ye Kung to a few rounds of Muay Thai

This is probably the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung posted a video on TikTok today (Nov 4), with the caption “When your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, you do Muay Thai. #HealthierSG

And that good friend? Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

The video starts with the Speaker watching Minister Ong’s viral wushu video, which prompts him to jio the health minister to Muay Thai.

Very onz

In no time, viewers are transported into the ring with both Minister Ong and Speaker Tan striking punching pads (and cool poses) to deadly effect.

Ouch x 2

And of course the much anticipated bout.

Street Fighter vibes

Who will win? “Luckily, my opponent not so strong,” both fighters say.

Without spoiling you further, watch it here:


When your good friend jios you for Muay Thai, you do Muay Thai. #HealthierSG

♬ original sound – Tiktoker – Tiktoker

Jokes aside, the video sends an important message of keeping fit.

“It’s really not about fighting. It’s mostly about balance, core muscle and timing. There’s a sport for everyone, so keep healthy,” says who else but the Health Minister.

All screenshots from Ong Ye Kung TikTok.