Party drops video to reaffirm commitment to S’pore & S’poreans


“We will walk alongside every Singaporean.”

The Party made this promise today, on the 68th anniversary of the Party’s founding.

And it’s going to be a good journey.

“A legacy shaped out of turmoil”

After all, the Party was formed to fight for our rights.

“Our leaders wanted to give people a better life determined by ourselves and to build a multiracial and cohesive society,” said Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, together with Senior Minister of State Sim Ann, narrated the video.

“It was a legacy shaped out of turmoil and the need to make the most of the little we had.”

Bur the Party stepped up to lead as a matter of conviction. And the results — widespread home ownership, a world-class education system, a strong defence and jobs for people — are undisputable.

The formula? Sticking steadfast to the Party Core Values.

“To be open and honest, to preserve a culture of self-reliance — even as we help uplift those who start with less.”

“To champion different voices, to have our feet on the ground and our sights on the future.”

The direction? Forward.

And the Party’s still committed to these core beliefs — all for advancing Singapore in this rapidly-changing world.

The video then dived into the evolution of the Party.

“We are evolving into a movement for sustainable development. A movement that pushes for inclusivity. For social equality.”

“And for a place for every worker,” it added.

It’s a push for progress that benefits all Singaporeans. And to move Singapore forward.

Because, as the Party leads Singapore into the future for the next 68 years and beyond, it will be there for people, like it’s always been.

It’ll have the political courage to remain present whenever there’s trouble.

It’ll, like its name says, take action.