MOF invites you to share views on upcoming Budget 2023


It’s an open invitation from the Government and there’re five ways to do it:

Singapore Budget Website;

REACH Budget 2023 Microsite;

REACH Singapore Facebook;

REACH Singapore Instagram;

PA Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews Webpage

All these channels are open 24/7 until Friday, Jan 13, 2023.

So that’s six weeks for you to tell the Government how to look out for you, your fellow Singaporeans and Singapore for 2023 and beyond.

It’s an important opportunity. The Budget is how the Government decides how to make use of the limited resources we have once the financial year starts on Apr 1 2023, up until Mar 31, 2024.

And Singaporeans lie at the heart of each Budget.  

Three themes and questions have emerged to guide the Budget 2023 feedback: navigating a volatile and complex world, strengthening our social compact, and building a resilient nation.

Navigating a volatile and complex world

The world’s more volatile and complex after the height of the pandemic. Inflation’s higher. Growth’s slowing. Economic disruption’s more frequent. And geopolitics tension is on the rise.

But opportunities can rise from these challenges.

Questions to think about:

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities for families/households, workers, and businesses in this more volatile and complex world?
  1. What more can be done to support these groups to identify and seize new opportunities, even amidst greater uncertainties and volatility?

Strengthening our social compact

Every Singaporean matters. Even as PAP’s leaders prepare to take on the challenges ahead, they want to partner Singaporeans in caring for each other.

The social compact — the shared understanding of how all of us in society relate to one another — needs to be strong so that Singapore progresses together as a nation.

Questions to think about:

  1. What actions can we take as individuals and as a community, together with the Government, to build a fairer and more inclusive home?
  1. What are some groups that might need more support, and what are their concerns? How can the Government better partner the community to address these concerns?

Building a resilient nation

Source: Hawkers United, Facebook

Disruptions to Singapore’s supplies have happened recently. But the Government’s adjusted.

It found new supplies of chicken when Malaysia stopped exporting chickens indefinitely. It secured Singapore’s energy needs during a volatile energy market and the Ukraine war.

Budget 2023 aims to build greater resilience for Singapore to withstand external shocks and overcome disruptions. 

Questions to think about:

  1. How can individuals, households, and businesses contribute to a more resilient Singapore?
  1. How can the Government support these groups in their efforts?

Feedback for the journey ahead

In all frankness, 2023 might be a little bit of a rough road ahead with all these challenges. 

The PAP Government’s got a plan to do right by Singapore and Singaporeans, though.

But your feedback’s needed. Come help crew Singapore forward; the links are here:

Singapore Budget Website

REACH Budget 2023 Microsite

REACH Singapore Facebook

REACH Singapore Instagram

PA Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews Webpage

Cover photo credit: MOF