More cheer for the neighbourhood: DPM Wong delivers care packs to North West District residents


Good news for more than 7,300 households in the North West District. Instead of receiving care parks annually, they now get them quarterly.

This is part of the just-enhanced WeCare @ North West Service Weeks+.

Yes, that’s Service Weeks with a +.

Mayor of North West District Alex Yam said that the + is the commitment to doing more for beneficiaries, meaning expanding the pool of beneficiaries, extending distributions to every quarter, providing dignity of choice for beneficiaries to customise their packs, offering a wider variety of necessities and engaging more partners and volunteers.

And delivering these packs at the Limbang Park launch event last Saturday (Dec 10) afternoon? Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, together with Mr Yam and volunteers.

Cushioning higher costs

“It is the season of giving!” DPM Wong posted about the event.

“With North West CDC and partners, we brought cheer to Our Limbang residents by providing festive care packs of food and essential items.”

“More than 100 children also received their Christmas presents in advance,” he added.

In fact, these Service Weeks+ now include residents under different welfare schemes, with people who do not live in rental flats eligible too — effectively more than 7,300 North West District households qualify for quarterly care packs each worth over S$50.

These care packs are meant for defraying living expenses.

“I am glad that more needy residents will be able to receive regular food aid throughout the year to defray household expenses, which will cushion the impact of the higher cost of living,” said DPM Wong.

Source: Alex Yam Facebook

Service Weeks and the social compact

The Service Weeks+ are a key way for residents and corporate partners to give back to the community.

Residents get to choose 12 of the 34 items in each care pack to best fit their needs through a pop-up store concept; there is in fact a larger variety of necessities for residents under this expanded scheme.

“Over 162,000 residents in the district have benefitted for the last nine years,” wrote North West CDC Mayor Alex Yam the following day.

“We are now working with 45 corporate and community partners, with a total of 900 volunteers participating in this quarter’s distribution.”

Source: Alex Yam Facebook

More help coming next year from a spread of sources? That’s good news. 

Though not unexpected, given DPM Wong’s consistent stance that no one in society should be left behind while Singapore progresses.

“I believe, as a society, we can and we must do more to provide greater assurances for our fellow Singaporeans,” he said at the June 28 launch of Forward Singapore, the ongoing exercise for refreshing our nation’s social compact.

“Everyone, every Singaporean, must know and feel that they will not be left to fend for themselves when times are hard.”

And also with his stance that all-round partnership’s needed for helping Singaporeans achieve this better future.

“We must also consider how families, corporates and the community can complement what the Government is doing,” DPM Wong also said during the Forward Singapore launch.  

“For it is only when we all chip in that we can better support one another, especially the most vulnerable amongst us, to weather the storms that may come our way.”

Cover photo credit: DPM Wong / Facebook