Comrade Eric Low, former Hougang Branch Chairman, passes away


Comrade Eric Low Siak Meng, Hougang’s former Branch Chairman and Adviser to Hougang GROs, passed on early this morning (Jan 3).

He was 75.

Comrade Low contributed for years in key positions in civil and public service. He was the Vice-Chairman of the National Crime Prevention Council for 14 years (1988-2012).

And he was Honorary General Secretary of the National Council of Social Service for 11 (1990 to 2001), on the Board of Visitors to SAF Detention Barracks for 10 (1989 to 1999), and Board Member of the Casino Regulatory Authority (2011 to 2013) for two.

He served valiantly in Hougang SMC, contesting well during the 2001 and 2006 General Elections..

Comrade Low received three National Day Awards during these years, the Public Service Medal (PBM) in 1989, the Public Service Star (BBM) in 1997 and Public Service Star — Bar (BBM(L)) in 2008.

A strong team-builder

Comrade Lee Hong Chuang, current Branch Chair of Hougang, soon posted a tribute to him.

“[Comrade Low] has been serving the residents well in Hougang and also built a dedicated and strong team of which many of them are still serving,” wrote Comrade Lee.

“This is the last photo we took on Jul 28, 2022 where we had a good get together and chat on many things about Hougang. I have certainly benefited from his wisdom.”

Source: Lee Hong Chuang / Facebook

“On behalf of Team Hougang, I express my deepest condolences to his family and his loved ones. May he rest in peace!” added Comrade Lee.

Grace and a nurturing spirit

Comrade Low was also an excellent mentor and a big-hearted presence in Hougang, posted Mayor of North East District Mr Desmond Choo.

“Many of the Hougang PAP activists felt a deep sense of loss,” wrote Mr Choo.

“I had met Eric in 2010, before the 2011 General Elections. I am always thankful to Eric for his grace and nurturing spirit in guiding me into ground work in Hougang.”

And those GE losses? Comrade Low brushed them off — and carried on serving Hougang residents regardless.

“[Comrade Low] had contested GE 2001 and GE 2006. While he had lost twice, he always sought to serve the residents,” wrote Mr Choo.

Source: NAS

“He served Hougang faithfully and to the best of his abilities.  He raised funds for social assistance schemes, strengthened activities with the seniors and helped in the Poh Teck Temple’s lease extension.  He connected well with the residents with his big-heartedness and not least with his humour and very fluent Teochew,” he added. 

Indeed, Poh Teck Temple kept their lease, and continued providing free meals and PAP Community Foundation health check-ups for seniors throughout the 2010s.

“He was passionate in his ground activism and loving towards whoever needed his help.  Most of all, he prided himself as a man of faith and a grandfather in his later years.” 

“Will always treasure Eric’s friendship and counsel.  Rest well old friend, you had fought a good fight, finished the race well and always kept the faith.”

Cover photo credit: Lee Hong Chuang / Facebook and National Archive of Singapore