PAP MPs speak up on recycling, fighting dengue & tackling 2nd-hand smoke


Have you ever wondered why Singapore has such top-notch public housing estates that are clean and green?

It definitely did not happen by chance but through the hard work of multiple agencies that keep the environment in tip-top condition. 

On Day 4 of the Committee of Supply debate, our MPs spoke up on several issues to enable us to build a more liveable and sustainable home.

Tackling second-hand smoke

Using tech to keep our environment smoke-free

Mr Louis Ng (Nee Soon GRC) believes that now is the time to eradicate second-hand smoke, once and for all. 

Indeed, second-hand smoke is more than just a nuisance, it is a matter of public health.  

As such, we need to change our policy so that residents can protect themselves and their loved ones from the dangers of second-hand smoke, said Mr Ng.

Reducing contamination in recycling bins

Why Should We Recycle?

Recycling is slowly becoming more prevalent in our lives, and Ms Hany Soh (Marsiling–Yew Tee GRC) highlighted the high contamination rates of our recycling bins. 

Items containing food and liquid waste and non-recyclable items like shoes and textiles continue to make their way into recycling bins, shared Ms Soh. 

She also shared an interesting perspective that while Singapore does not require residents to sort their own recyclable waste, this actually increases the chances of people contaminating the recycling bins with non-recyclable items. 

As such, Ms Soh has the following suggestion. 

“By setting up active recycling points, residents will be more empowered to take matters into their own hands, putting in the effort to segregate all waste materials.”

Combating dengue fever

Before Covid-19, there was dengue fever. Yet another pesky disease caused by the even peskier mosquito. 

In 2022, shared Ms Poh Li San (Sembawang GRC), there were more than 32,000 dengue cases and 19 dengue deaths in Singapore. 

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Considering the success of Project Wolbachia at suppressing the Aedes mosquito population in the trial areas, several MPs, including Ms Poh, Mr Ng, Ms Soh and Mr Gan Thiam Poh (Ang Mo Kio GRC), called for the extension of the initiative to more areas in Singapore. 

A world without dengue is definitely a better one.

Photos: NEA/NHB/MCI via YouTube/GovTech