Baey Yam Keng is out and about on a Cycle for Hope

That cyclist passing by you on Singapore’s widening bike paths and green, calming parks? He might just be MP Baey Yam Keng (Tampines GRC). 

MP Baey has made it his mission to clock 100km by August 20 this year. This is for the second-ever Cycle for Hope organised by the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF). 

“Similar to last year, SCF is raising funds for Singapore Cancer Society,” posted MP Baey earlier this month (Jun 17) at Cycle for Hope’s launch as its Patron for 2023.  

“It was great to see so many participants at today’s event, supporting cancer awareness through active mobility, and kudos to SCF for raising funds not just for cancer patients but also to support cycling amongst youth. 🚲, added MP Baey to the 2000 people attending. 

In particular, Cycle for Hope also supports cancer research and raises awareness about cancers like breast and lung; these two cancers are the most common for Singapore’s women and men respectively. 

Funds go a long way 

MP Baey’s 100km effort is part of Cycle for Hope’s 2023 $300, 000 fundraising target. 

It is in keeping with how he keeps fit on his bike and on foot, as well as follows up on his 2022 vision.  

Corporations and individuals raised $257,676 for Cycle for Hope last year; MP Baey at that point (Aug 21) said that he “hope[s] this momentum will carry on, that we can raise more for good causes, for cancer patients [and] caregivers.” 

Turns out that this momentum (almost literally) means him putting his bicycle pedals to the metal so that Cycle for Hope and Singaporeans can meet 2023’s bigger target. 

Source: Baey Yam Keng / Facebook 

The Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth helps this good end: It matches sports donations like for Cycling for Hope. 

This donation matching is part of the ongoing One Team Singapore Fund and includes both corporate and individual donations. 

So Singaporeans can be assured too that their donations will (appropriately enough for these cycling challenges) go far.  

For charity, Singaporeans and sustainability  

If you are reading this and feel like getting your bicycle in gear to help Cycling for Hope and the fight against cancer, you can register here until August 20 — there are still nearly two months left. 

Indoor and outdoor challenges are both possible, and you can set your challenge level to up to 500km. 

Also, we have built a significant spread of infrastructure around Singapore for helping this journey. 

“With the launch of about 30km of cycling paths in various towns across Singapore recently, we now have about 550km of cycling paths in total,” said MP Baey who is also Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport earlier this year (Mar 3). 

“All 27 HDB towns and estates can look forward to having some cycling paths by the end of next year, up from the current 13,” added MP Baey. 

Source: Baey Yam Keng / Facebook 

We are also lengthening this cycling network to 1,300 km; this will be by 2030.  

This growing length of dedicated paths and trails winding through neighbourhood estates and park connectors islandwide is good news then. Not just for Cycling for Hope, but for Singaporeans going about their day-to-day lives too — and for environmental sustainability.   

While we all journey there, you can donate to Cycle for Hope here

Alternatively, you can support MP Baey’s Cycle for Hope efforts with a donation here.