Supporting our seniors in their healthcare needs 


What would Singapore have been like without the unstinting efforts of our seniors? In many ways, their wealth of skills, experiences and dedication have been fundamental in making Singapore what it is today – a gleaming metropolis we are so proud of.  

And it is our responsibility to take good care of our seniors, building a city that is inclusive of their needs and a society that empowers them to stay healthy, active and engaged.

For that reason, close to 1 million Pioneer and Merdeka Generation seniors will receive MediSave top-ups ranging from $200 to $1,100 this coming July. Besides paying for MediSave-approved insurance premiums, the top-up can help offset medical expenses such as hospitalisation, day surgeries, and selected outpatient treatments. 

Because as Minister Indranee Rajah shared, this is part of our Pioneer and Merdeka packages to thank our seniors for their efforts in nation-building and give them greater assurance for their healthcare.  

Taking care of our seniors’ healthcare needs

Ensuring affordable healthcare for all our seniors is a priority. However, it is just one area under a big umbrella of needs for an ageing population. That is because paying for treatment alone does not guarantee good health and longevity. Instead, taking proactive steps to stay healthy, detect health issues early and prevent them from worsening is much more crucial.  

One example is Project Silver Screen, where seniors can undergo health screenings for $5 or less to help detect age-related vision, hearing and oral health issues.  

Furthermore, to build a preventive (rather than a reactive) health culture, seniors aged 60 and above will be encouraged to enrol with a primary care provider in the months ahead as part of our Healthier SG initiative. This way, all seniors would have a family doctor who can holistically manage their health with a personalised health plan.  

Now, ageing is a journey that all of us will embark on. Rather than view it with dread and as a period defined by inactivity, ill health and eventual decline, it is our goal for all our seniors to embrace their golden years with a sense of renewed vigour.  

After all, there is no better time to pick up new hobbies, learn new skills and make new friends without the stresses of parenthood and career commitments. And in doing so, one can continue to stay physically, mentally and socially engaged, all of which are essential to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  

Our seniors mean the world to us. Here at the PAP, we will continue to refine our policies, champion their needs and build an inclusive society where no seniors will be left behind.  

Picture Source: Indranee Rajah via Facebook/ MOH