Empowering S’pore’s women from cyberspace all the way to aerospace


Singapore’s women are making good strides in the workplace, and a significant share (45.6 per cent) of these working women are professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). 

Our political office holders are pushing for even more parity, particularly in fields where women are historically under-represented: It benefits all when women (and men) feel welcome for their interests and skills in diverse areas.  

Women in STEM 

Singapore’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field is one major area where women’s representation is seeing steady progress.  

Here, our government’s public-private partnerships continue being in place to encourage even more women to explore the infocomm, tech, and cybersecurity industries — and these partnerships too show that women who think outside of gender stereotypes are assured of support and will be celebrated.  

“It is important to celebrate women — to provide a tangible record of women’s representation and the successes we can achieve, to inspire other women to lean in and strive for excellence in their chosen fields, to highlight role models that girls and young women can look up to and learn from, and to challenge stereotypes and shift mindsets among the current and future generations, lighting the way to a fairer and more inclusive society,” said Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu at the Her World Woman of the Year Awards Ceremony and Dinner (Oct 13).

Source: Grace Fu / Facebook 

One other key step towards the parity which this fairer and more inclusive society will achieve? Fundamental mindset shifts in society’s expectations of women; this features in the landmark White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development which our government published last year. 

Women in aviation and aerospace

Senior Minister of State for Transport Chee Hong Tat paid special tribute to the Singapore Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) earlier this month (Oct 6). 

Trailblazing ex-helicopter pilot MP Poh Li San (Sembawang GRC) is on WAI’s advisory board, and WAI’s sisterhood and professionalism has inspired other women at events like the OneAviation Careers fair. WAI is also partnering education institutions to launch an aviation and aerospace scholarship for Singapore’s women. 

Source: Chee Hong Tat, Poh Li San / Facebook 

“The relationships that will be established through this programme, and the insights that will be shared, will go a long way towards developing a strong pipeline of women leaders in aviation,” highlighted SMS Chee. 

“It is important for us to celebrate the achievements of our workforce that have brought us this far, to be in a position where we can dream to soar higher,” he added. 

Women in cyber

“Because demand far outstrips supply, it’s a really good time to welcome more women to the cybersecurity profession. It also fits well with our holistic yet practical approach to grow a sustainable talent pipeline for cyber,” said Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo to attendees at the Singapore International Cyber Week’s Women in Cyber event this past Tuesday (Oct 17). 

Women do remain a minority in this sector, she noted.  

Minister Teo also reiterated one important fact about the $50 million Cybersecurity Talent, Innovation and Growth (TIG) Plan she announced in September: Women are on the radar of this cyber skills professional training programme as much as men. 

Source: Singapore International Cyber Week, Josephine Teo / Facebook  

There is a forward-thinking aspect to this logic of gender parity. Tapping the diverse talent pools of Singapore’s women will mean a sustainable supply of much-needed cyber experts. 

Plus, these women cyber experts, like their sisters in STEM overall and aerospace, will in turn inspire future generations of women and girls to see that, yes, gender definitely does not restrict one’s capabilities.  

Empowering and supporting women is afterall a major and continuing goal for us, even while times evolve, and no matter the era and field: We will ensure that while Singapore moves forward, women will go places.