How does Forward SG fit with the causes our MPs champion?


The Forward Singapore (Forward SG) report is out, and with it the seven shifts for Singaporeans and the Government to co-build a shared future together. 

Our MPs reacted to the report’s release with candour. They each stand for different causes and are already seeing how these align with this great big national journey onward.

Ageing well: Ng Ling Ling

One major feature of Forward SG is how it helps Singaporeans to age in place at home and in the community. This is under the Age Well SG programme, which upgrades homes and neighbourhoods into senior-friendly ones, and has activities and services for keeping Singapore’s seniors active. 

“This is a cause that I have been speaking up for, especially with preventive healthcare from early senior age, as many of my residents are in this segment. We all have to play our part to support our seniors — so that they can age well, and with peace of mind in their golden years,” posted (Oct 27) MP Ng Ling Ling (Ang Mo Kio GRC). 

Source: Ng Ling Ling / Facebook 

MP Ng is looking forward to making these aged care initiatives a reality for Singaporeans. Her activism in Jalan Kayu after all includes helping seniors control chronic disease and she consistently speaks up in Parliament about a more livable Singapore for older folk

Mental health: Wan Rizal 

“As a Member of Parliament, I’ve consistently championed Mental and Preventive Health, as well as holistic education, aligning closely with the values embodied in the FSG [Forward SG] Report,” stated (Oct 27) MP Wan Rizal soon after the report’s release.

“Ensuring affordable housing, providing ample support for new parents, and promoting mental well-being and work-life harmony are essential for a thriving nation,” he added, and his ongoing support for mental health in his neighbourhood does fit with Forward SG’s understanding that taking care of one’s mood and emotions are important. 

SkillsFuture and smoother job transitions for workers: Foo Mee Har and Patrick Tay

Respecting and rewarding every job — and the workers behind them — is also part of Forward SG’s shifts. 

Here, MP Foo Mee Har (West Coast GRC) is a longtime advocate for upskilling workers. She believes in more paths for Singaporeans to have lifelong learning opportunities. 

“I am truly delighted to see the substantial commitments outlined in the Forward SG report, especially for mid-career workers! We can expect: A substantial top-up of the SkillsFuture Credit [and t]raining allowances for those who take time off for full-time, sustained training,” posted (Oct 28) MP Foo. 

Source: Foo Mee Har / Facebook 

One of our champions for workers’ rights, MP Patrick Tay (Pioneer SMC,) is similarly enthused about Forward SG’s pro-labour direction. 

Source: Patrick Tay / Facebook 

“I am glad the Forward SG report has responded to my 3 calls in and outside of Parliament the past decade in the space of (1) Strengthening the Singaporean Core (incl local bench strength), (2) Anti-discrimination (now known as Workplace Fairness Legislation), and (3) Unemployment Support,” he posted (Oct 27). 

Being ready for the perfect storm: Tan Wu Meng

At its heart, Forward SG is about everyone working together towards building a better Singapore. It is ongoing while Singapore faces ongoing challenges externally

“Imagine this Perfect Storm: A global downturn lasting many years. Divisions of race, language, religion; social class, inequality and culture. A fractured national consensus with divisive politics. And at the same time having to face a major crisis — a terrorist attack at home, a pandemic, or a regional conflict where old friends ask us to choose between them,” posted (Oct 27) MP Tan Wu Meng (Jurong GRC), in a timely flashback to his maiden Parliamentary speech. 

As such, MP Tan champions social trust and cohesion, as well as inclusivity for diverse Singaporeans, from the less well-off to ex-offenders to people with disabilities to many other groups in between. 

Source: Tan Wu Meng / Facebook 

It is “heart” work for bonding Singaporeans together. A more cohesive society will allow Singapore to weather this storm and Singaporeans to thrive despite it.