Why’s Edwin Tong buried in sand?


SPOILER: WE’RE quite sure it’s about seeking out sand-timents. 

That’s because, as Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong says in that TikTok video making the rounds for the FutureYOUth campaign, he’s here to form a charter with Singapore’s young people.    

He wants to know how young Singaporeans feel about important issues like mental health and racial and religious harmony. Youth ideas on tackling sustainability and environmental issues will be a big part of this charter too. Climate change, after all, is the great battle of our time.   


Probably no one can say they have BURIED A MINISTER IN SAND except Xiao Ming hahahaha! Lucky Minister Edwin Tong is super sporting!! Be part of the PAYM FutureYOUth movement, follow @paym.youths on IG to find out more!

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“Hopefully this will become something that will guide our young people and will become something of a standard,” said Minister Tong of the charter.  

Charting the future 

As Petir.sg’s readers know, our Party already takes action on these three important issues.  

We are upsizing the National Mental Health and Well-being Strategy for more accessible mental health support. We have Harmony Circles to help build bonds between our different communities. We are also committed to fighting climate change at all levels. 

This charter, though, is specifically for youths to speak up, take control and spark change for the better. Not just for now, but to chart a strong course for the Singapore of the future as well. That’s needed, because the future has an odd habit of arriving before one expects it. Planning for it is key.  

“Everybody is welcome! And the more voices we can gather, the stronger the consensus and the better the charter,” emphasised Minister Tong about how FutureYOUth is about unity and people listening to each other.

And he is right there, deep on the ground with them. Or was this a case of ground “ sand-sing’’ at its best? 

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