Help to tackle cost of living issues for elderly and better housing support for families among Budget wishes from PAP MPs


DEPUTY PRIME Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong presents Budget 2024 at 3.30 pm later (Feb 16). He’ll lay out his carefully-crafted financial priorities to support Singaporeans and grow the Singapore economy.  

In the meantime, our MPs are sharing their hopes that the Budget will help their causes and constituents. 

Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim: Better housing support for families

The quality and availability of housing for Singapore’s families matters for MP Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim (Chua Chu Kang GRC). This scope ranges from having lift access for people living in older HDB blocks to having more support for people waiting for their new homes to be ready.      

“20 per cent of all segmented blocks in Singapore are found in Keat Hong which means these families do not have same-floor lift access. For residents who have been living in such units for decades, they now face difficulties and inconvenience as they age in place. I have spoken up previously on the LUP [Lift Upgrading Programme], Lift Access Housing Grant and other solutions to support these families. I wish for more support in this regard,” MP Zhulkarnain told exclusively.

Source: Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim / Facebook 

As for supporting people waiting for their new homes, this is a continuing concern for MP Zhulkarnain. 

Last year, I spoke up on the HDB MOP and balloting process. This year, I hope for greater options and support for those who are still waiting for their homes. With further refinements to the HDB balloting process and efficiency, our fellow Singaporeans can attain their dream home and choose to live where they love; and with the upgrading to our homes, lifts and facilities, they will continue to love where they live,” he continued. 

Henry Kwek: Help to tackle cost of living issues for elderly

Meanwhile, MP Henry Kwek (Kebun Baru SMC) is looking out for Singapore’s seniors. 

“As we gear up for the Budget 2024 statement, I’m rallying behind themes impacting our elderly community. Many residents have shared concerns with me about the rising cost of living and the need for suitable job opportunities in their golden years and I resonate with their worries,” he said

“I hope to see our nation work towards providing more sustained financial transfers to offset the high cost of living and incentivising companies to create jobs for seniors. I also want to ensure that middle-income seniors aren’t left behind and will advocate that they should also be eligible for the ‘earn and save’ component of the Majulah Package, providing added CPF bonuses to bolster financial resilience,’ he added.

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So, look out for MP Kwek speaking up for Singapore’s elderly (and that demographic will eventually include everyone reading this) once the Budget debates begin. He knows things can get tough for this demographic. “Let’s be frank about it; if you’re past a certain age, many seniors tell me they send out resumes, and they don’t even have a chance to be interviewed,” he’s said before. Hopefully more help to alleviate the pain from rising cost of living for the elderly and mid-career segments. will cover Budget 2024 later, and we’ll bring you its most important points. Here’s hoping it addresses those causes which MPs Zhulkarnain and Kwek advocate — that’ll mean concrete, forward-thinking help for many Singaporeans.