In Pictures — Exclusive photos from #refreshPAP 


“WE WILL reinvigorate our commitment to every Singaporean, and we will review and refresh our social compact as a country,” said Prime Minister Lawrence Wong this past Saturday (June 8). PM Wong was speaking to about 400 of our activists and partners at the conclusion of the #refreshPAP exercise.  

#refreshPAP took place over the previous six months. During the exercise, over 2,300 of these activists and partners shared their hopes for a thriving future Singapore and emphasised our Party’s need to strengthen our connection with diverse groups of Singaporeans.

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Singaporeans from many different backgrounds converged at the event, took photos with our Party leaders, and had a great time swapping experiences and discussing ways to build a kinder, more inclusive Singapore.

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Our activists and our friends from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) were also crucial for making #refreshPAP a success.  

Our Party’s work continues. We are setting up a new Mental Health Group (led by Minister of State for Health Janil Puthucheary) and the new Climate Action Group (led by Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Koh Poh Koon). All are welcome to join and take part in discussions that will shape the PAP Government’s policies in these important national issues! 

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You might have noticed Minister for National Development Desmond Lee in one of the earlier photos. Minister Lee is a big part of why #refreshPAP was a success — he led it alongside other 4G leaders.    

“We don’t cater to specific demographic groups. We don’t cater to specific ethnic groups. We want to cater to all Singaporeans, and we want to continue to be seen by Singaporeans and be felt by Singaporeans as a pan-national movement where all Singaporeans get represented and their interests are addressed,” said Minister Lee about the refresh exercise. 

PM Wong summed up the importance of #refreshPAP. 

“We are the Government of the day,” said PM Wong. “So it is our responsibility as a party to chart out how we can take Singapore forward, forge a strong partnership with Singaporeans, and convince them that PAP remains the right choice to lead this country.”    

Watch this space, then, for more details on the Mental Health Group and Climate Action Group!