#refreshPAP is a bright spark for our future


The need for the Party to refresh itself was first articulated by Comrade Lawrence Wong at the PAP Awards and Conference last year.

Since then, the PAP has embarked on an extensive #refreshPAP engagement exercise with more than 2,300 activists and partners over the following six months. The result is a renewed commitment to engage with wider groups of Singaporeans, communicate better with Singaporeans across all walks of life to hear their views, and organise our party to better harness the strengths of our members.  

For instance, there was support amongst activists for the party to give greater focus to mental health and climate change, in addition to other priorities like cost-of-living, housing and jobs. Because beyond bread-and-butter issues, these are no doubt two of the most pressing challenges of our time.

By expanding into these areas, the PAP is demonstrating its credibility as a party with a focus on the future. It is showing a younger generation of voters that it is listening not only to its traditional base of older Singaporeans but to them as well. More importantly, the PAP is boldly staking its claim to being a big tent party.

An inclusive party in a diverse world

Today, we live in a world where political parties are growing increasingly short sighted or narrowly focused on a segment of voters. Many have no qualms about espousing populist policies with little regard for their consequences in order to win votes. They also rely heavily on grievance politics, stirring up resentment and driving divisive wedges along the lines of identity and race. We have seen so many political systems becoming dysfunctional, with nations caught in a downward spiral. Such political parties are mortgaging the stability and prosperity of future generations. All for the sake of short-term political gains. In the end, however, such parties cannot claim to speak for the majority or for future generations. Governing Singapore will require more from politicians. It will require leaders who champion hope and unity, not fear or hate.

In light of this, the #refreshPAP exercise is heartening. The ruling Party has committed to embodying the changes and values Singapore requires to flourish and thrive. By calling for Singaporeans of all backgrounds to come forward and give their views, the PAP wants to reach out to a more diverse crowd. It is also a signal to show that there is a safe space, under one roof, for differing opinions to be listened to and heard. 

As such, the PAP’s barnstorming commitment as a pan-national party serving all Singaporeans is worth noting. It hearkens back to the PAP’s roots as the party that led Singapore towards independence. And in the decades that followed, uniting its people to build an exceptional nation.

Unity is the secret ingredient that can make or break a nation. By bringing together different voices, the PAP is determined to find a common cause and seek new ideas. And that, rather than divisive comments or hateful discourse, will be the antidote to take Singapore forward in these troubled times and ensure it remains a sui generis nation for generations to come.

Photo Source: The Straits Times © SPH Media Limited. Permission required for reproduction.