PPF dialogue provides a platform for Party to work with S’poreans on actionable solutions: Chee Hong Tat  


Advisor to the People’s Action Party Policy Forum (PPF) Chee Hong Tat said that PPF dialogues provide a platform for the Party and Singaporeans to work together and develop practical solutions. This aligns with what the PAP Government and Party aim to achieve through the Forward Singapore exercise and #refreshPAP initiative. 

“You can advocate for new ideas and meaningful change by being part of the PAP and working with the PAP,” he said.  

“Through the exchange of views, we hope to build a deeper appreciation of policy trade-offs, forge a stronger sense of trust with stakeholders, and create platforms to develop actionable solutions by working together with Singaporeans.” 

At a PPF dialogue with over 200 party activists, and union leaders on June 29, Mr Chee noted that Prime Minister Lawrence Wong had pledged that the Party will engage wider, communicate better and organise stronger.  

Dialogues like this allow party members and supporters to provide useful feedback from the ground to the government. Hence, Mr Chee urged participants to represent different groups in society, raise concerns, and provide ideas and suggestions.  

Mr Chee, also Minister for Transport, said the discussions will also give activists and supporters a better grasp of important policy issues like manpower, housing, and others. When these matters arise on social media or the ground, supporters can help “explain the considerations and trade-offs to voters,” he added. 

“We accept we can’t convince everyone. But it’s important for the PAP to persuade as many people as we can,” he said.  

“They include individuals who want to understand the rationale behind our policies, work with the PAP to push for positive changes and improvements in society, and get a better appreciation of the practical constraints and trade-offs we must overcome to achieve good outcomes for Singapore and Singaporeans.” 

During the dialogue session, Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng, NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng, and Vice President of Singapore National Employers Federation Tan Hee Teck discussed policy considerations on empowering Singaporeans to build career agility, resilience, and retirement adequacy. The discussion was built on the positive outcomes of last year’s PPF Insights series. 

Sporeans’ 5 key aspirations, one being greater visibility of financial adequacy in retirement 

A PPF straw poll of over 1,300 respondents from June 4 to 19 found respondents expressed five key aspirations. They hoped skills acquired through lifelong learning would be sufficiently recognised by employers and society and better align with university degrees. Respondents also wished for greater visibility of financial adequacy in retirement.  

Regarding workplace discrimination, respondents worried about age, gender, and racial discrimination. While flexible work arrangements were welcomed, both employers and employees were apprehensive about implementation. Respondents also had concerns about artificial intelligence, technological disruptions, and economic transformation affecting their jobs.   

Helping S’poreans pursue better opportunities amid rapid economic changes: Tan See Leng 

Dr Tan stressed that the PAP Government’s singular focus is to help Singaporeans pursue better opportunities amid rapid economic changes. It does so by ensuring Singapore’s economy remains open and competitive.  

Acknowledging Singaporeans’ anxieties and apprehensions over fast technological disruptions and external challenges, he assured attendees that the Manpower Ministry will continue to strengthen, uplift and care for local workers.

Beyond helping Singaporeans build fulfilling careers, Dr Tan also said the Government aims to ensure Singaporeans can build up retirement savings for their golden years.