Petir was first published in April 1956, as the Political Newsletter of the People’s Action Party.  In Malay, it means ‘lightning’, the symbol of the PAP.

The newsletter has been an important means to update our party members, activists, supporters and fellow Singaporeans on significant developments and news within the PAP which may not be picked up by mainstream media.  Our founding leaders regularly contribute to the newsletter, sharing their views and policy plans.

The newsletter contains interesting information, trivia and insights about the Party and its activities.  It is rich with interesting anecdotes, reflections and opinions.

It was distributed to residents at key touch points – hawker centres, town-centres, homes, etc, when members of parliament or party activists were going about their regular engagements and interactions in the community.

Petir embodied the sense of mission, duty and passion of the People’s Action Party, and shall continue to be so.

Except now, we are in a digital and social media era.  Petir will therefore have a digital alter-ego, in the new – a socio-political website of the PAP. will embody all the values and the ethos found in the first print copy of Petir published in April 1956.  The significant change is the digital presentation and outreach.

We will continue to periodically produce printed copies of Petir to be distributed during our physical engagements and walkabouts, to those who still prefer to read the physical copy. serves our members, our activists, our supporters and all Singaporeans.  It is an expression of the values of the party. It will communicate and explain the political and policy positions of the party to all Singaporeans.  It seeks to be informative, insightful and engaging.

Should the need arise, will sound a clarion call to our activists and our supporters, to rally around common causes and on issues which affect all Singaporeans.

It is the Story of the PAP, as told from within.

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