Society’s cornerstones remain secure post-S377A: Masagos

It’s been a long climb towards Section 377A’s repeal. A necessary duty for Singapore, considering that the Courts can someday rule it unconstitutional, and open the gate for bad actors on each side of the repeal to destabilise Singapore through judic ...
30 November 2022
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李显龙总理在8月21日(星期天)晚间举行国庆群众大会。演说从7大要点勾勒出我国在疫后继续面对的挑战,以及今后的复苏之路怎么走。 1. 帮助国人应付生活费上涨 总理说,生活费上涨,政府了解国人担忧钱不够用,从今年4月起,陆续推出多项援助配套,例如:发出CDC邻里购物券,帮助家家户户应付日常开销。 明年三月过后,政府也会继续通过“定心与援助配套”,帮助国人减轻消费税上调的影响。 至于为何不延后调高或索性取消消费税?总理说,这不是一个负责任的做法,因为我国人口快速老龄化,医疗保健和社会保障各方面的开支 ...
24 August 2022
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Petir explains: Why repeal Section 377A now?

In case you missed it, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said during his National Day Rally speech that Singapore will repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code and also amend Constitution to protect marriage from legal challenges. Here, Petir.sg explains t ...
24 August 2022
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8 quotes from PM Lee to sum up NDR 2022

Is it angry? Is it happy? Did they say “tuh” or “duh”? “Ker” or “ger”? Otherwise you grow up with a blank space in your brain. – On the need to relax mask wearing in schools. Singapore will be relaxing Covid-19 restrictions
21 August 2022
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