budget 2023

More digitalisation and innovation opportunties coming to our heartland shops: Low Yen Ling

Heartland shops provide a shopping experience which malls just cannot replicate: They are quieter. More personal. Often, there’s an uncle or auntie who’s personally set up the shop, knows where everything is, and is always happy to chat — in other words, heartland shops feel like home.   And if Uncle or Auntie needs help with More digitalisation and innovation opportunties coming to our heartland shops: Low Yen Ling

Govt launching new framework, scholarship to develop local football talent

Anticipating the Kallang Roar once again.

Uplifting & empowering our Malay/Muslim community in housing, education & work

From uplifting lower-income families to advancing employment prospects, the PAP will continue to advocate the interests of our Malay/Muslim community.

Govt, operators & commuters must share responsibility to make public transport financially sustainable

We don’t want a financially unsustainable system with a large fiscal burden for future generations of Singaporeans to bear.

Sun Xueling & Eric Chua on sustaining social mobility and empowering persons with disabilities

The PAP Government will continue to strengthen our social compact by looking out for the most vulnerable among us.

MOT COS 2023: PAP MPs ask about fare subsidies, HSR & delivery rider safety

How we’re moving forward together.

PAP MPs speak up on recycling, fighting dengue & tackling 2nd-hand smoke

Maintaining a clean and green environment for all Singaporeans.

What’s cooking for hawker centres, hawkers and hawker culture? Amy Khor tells us.

Lots to look forward to at our hawker centres.

Tan See Leng explains to PSP’s Leong Mun Wai why S’poreans are not losing out to foreign talent

Local employees are not at a disadvantage compared to their foreign counterparts in Singapore.

Tan See Leng thanks Pritam Singh for CPF suggestion, says MOM will consider

This Party listens to constructive feedback, especially those that benefit Singapore.

MP Patrick Tay on what S’poreans can learn from Iron Man & his Mark suits

Like Tony Stark, we need to upgrade our armours to respond to industry demands

Disapproval of Myanmar coup does not give ASEAN licence to interfere: Vivian Balakrishnan

What is happening in Myanmar is a tragedy, however ASEAN must continue to take a principled but restrained approach.

PAP Govt committed to ensuring greater access to records for research

Over 4 in 5 requests for declassification get approved.

Don’t leave elderly & less tech-savvy behind in push to digitalise: PAP MPs

We are an inclusive and caring society which aims to leave no one behind.

SG’s green transition: PAP MPs call for more help for businesses & affordable energy

Powering towards a greener economy

PAP MPs call for Govt to help improve employability & acceptance of ex-offenders

Four PAP MPs spoke about assistance for ex-offenders during their cuts in the MHA COS debate.

PSP’s claim that middle-income S’poreans are overtaxed is ‘outright falsehood’: DPM Wong

DPM Wong dropped some hard-hitting figures.

WP shifted position on reserves since days of Low Thia Khiang: DPM Wong

In the end, Singaporeans will have to judge what is the more responsible approach to manage our finances and to take Singapore forward.

Middle-class squeeze, S’porean anxieties & building a trampoline of support: Day 2 of Budget Debate

Our hardworking MPs will continue to speak up for all Singaporeans

S’pore must prepare to face 4 ‘Gray Rhinos’ in near future: Poh Li San

If we are not prepared, Singapore’s future can be severely impaired.