Building the future of our heritage, one neighbourhood at a time 

Like a software update, version 2.0 of our heritage masterplan aims to turbocharge our relationship with heritage in four new areas – Identity, Community, Industry and Innovation.

5 things to do around Central Singapore

Heading downtown? Here are some ideas for a wander.

S’poreans now & in future don’t have to worry about having their own affordable home: PM Lee

The PAP Government is working hard at the problem, and is confident that it will solve it.

A responsible Govt does not make housing affordable by robbing future generations: Desmond Lee

Helping Singaporeans today attain a roof over their heads and planning for Singaporeans in the future.

WP called for Govt to build fewer HDB flats in 2019, but now suggests Govt underestimated demand: Desmond Lee

This proves how hard it is to accurately predict property demand and that the best of models cannot fully account for black swan events.

PSP’s housing proposal is a “prepaid rental scheme leveraged on past reserves”: Sim Ann

Because the land cost is not paid if the person doesn’t sell the flat.

Paying for State land not a case of “left pocket, right pocket”, says NMP Raj Thomas, cautions against misunderstanding

When something incorrect is repeated often enough, it becomes perceived as the truth.

Cap on BTO price, No MOP for resale: PAP MPs suggest how to keep HDB flats affordable & accessible

Concrete suggestions on how we can alleviate the BTO crunch and yet keep housing sustainable.