Think Lim Chu Kang for a food-secure future Singapore

“Hungry go where?”  That is an existential question for Singaporeans. Afterall, our world-renowned food culture and neighbourhood-famous food stalls are national points of pride for important, very (finger-licking) good reasons.   An i ...
7 September 2023
3 mins read

Asia’s best zoo, 50 years in the making

The Singapore Zoo is 50 years old! As part of its golden jubilee celebrations, there will be tons of festivities and a bundle ticket promotion only for Singaporeans. But how did a zoo from a tiny island state grow to become one
23 June 2023
2 mins read

Gardens by the Bay: More than a tourist attraction 

Since opening its doors in 2012, Gardens by the Bay has become a source of pride, a public garden hosting regular events for all Singaporeans to enjoy, and a realm of knowledge for our students. If you are looking for a fun
16 June 2023
1 min read

What’s with these MRT seats at HDB estates?

If you were at a launch exhibition in Woodlands Drive last Saturday (Jul 17), you would have seen the following items that look more at home on a train: That’s right. MRT seats, handrail bar and straps and intercom covers? What are
19 July 2022
1 min read