Action for Greener Towns initiative is here. What are you going to do about it?


They say talk is cheap, so here’s what the Party actually did in less than a year.

In Feb this year, the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Sustainability and the Environment, led by Mr. Louis Ng, tabled a motion to speak on climate change and its impact on Singapore, urging the government to work in partnership with different stakeholders to do more for the climate.

In May, our Party then launched the Action of Greener Towns (AGT) initiative that will see all 15 PAP town councils work together, promoting and encouraging sustainability practices.

Each PAP town council will have its own dedicated sustainability committee consisting of residents, activists and a Member of Parliament. Committees will collaborate with each other, anchored by a central task force, chaired by Dr. Wan Rizal.

This is our Party’s commitment to turn every PAP-run town into zero waste, energy efficient and greener precincts for the community by 2025.

Real change in less than a year

The first phase of AGT was launched on Dec. 3, 2021, featuring a cash-for-recycling programme. The party aims to, in partnership with SGRecycle, deploy at least 78 paper recycling machines across the 15 town councils by year end.

Credit: PAP

And that’s not all.

The Party wants to achieve these objectives:

  • Reduce printouts in Town Council offices
  • Implement electronic payments instead of cheques whenever possible
  • Introduce more greenery in public spaces in towns to bring down temperatures
  • In-town conversion of excess plant materials into mulch, which will reduce waste and carbon footprint
  • Over 3,000 lifts will be replaced with more reliable and energy-saving models by 2025
  • Smart sensors will be progressively incorporated when LED lights are due to be replaced

Preparing for the future

In fact, our work toward zero waste, energy efficient and greener town councils started since 2012.

We have changed almost all the common area lights in our estates to energy-saving LED lights. This means saving 1,413 million kWh of energy – equivalent to powering 313,665 four-room HDB homes for an entire year – and reducing 586,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, over 3,000 solar panels have been installed to power more of our blocks.

Credit: Tampines Town Council

Coordinating Chair of PAP Town Councils Mr. Lim Biow Chuan said: “PAP Town Councils want to take our actions further, to incorporate sustainable practices that will create real tangible benefits to the communities we are looking after. These plans we have unveiled show how every action can make a difference and improve our way and quality of life.”  

Indeed, taking action is a hallmark of the Party. We do not engage in rhetoric just to score political points.

The AGT initiative is made possible because of the work of the GPC for Sustainability and the Environment.

In less than a year since the motion was tabled in Parliament, the Party has effected change. This is the commitment of the People’s Action Party to combat climate change as we recognise the urgency of this existential crisis our our generation.

We will not rest on our laurels: there’s more to be done and we want to work with you for a more sustainable future for our descendants.

Join us.

Cover image credit: Tampines Town Council Facebook page