Migrant worker helps retrieve S’pore woman’s AirPods stuck in drain; she gifts him red packet soon after


Here’s some positivity to kick off the day.

One Ms Elaine Liu posted on TikTok on Mar 15 chronicling the experience of how her Airpods dropped into the drain during a downpour.

Ms Liu said that she was cycling and had brushed her hair, which caused one of her AirPods to fall out and drop into a drain.

She later found Mukul, a migrant worker, who walked two bus stops to help her retrieve the AirPods.

Here’s the video:


Was cycling and my airpods pro just flew out when I accidentally brushed my hair, so heng that it fell right into the drain 🤦🏼‍♀️ !! Found this guy #Mukul who walked 2 bus stops away under the heavy rain just to get it out for me! So touched 🥺 Hoping to thank him in some way or another 🥰

♬ original sound – Elaine Liu – Elaine Liu

To thank Mukul for his help, Ms Liu went back and gifted him some drinks and a red packet soon after.


Kindness begets kindness. Sometimes its the little things people do for you, strangers do for you 🥰 #thankyoumukul #appreciateyou

♬ original sound – Elaine Liu – Elaine Liu

Good vibes all round.

Our migrant worker community

Such random act of kindness by migrant workers are well documented. Most importantly, our migrant worker community is key to many facets of Singapore society.

From the thousands of Build-To-Order (BTO) flats to the many public infrastructure like the North-South Corridor, our migrant worker community has played a big part in building Singapore. The Party is grateful for their contributions, which is why migrant workers’ safety is of utmost importance to us.

For instance, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) setup the Migrant Workers’ Center (MWC) in 2009, offering help and protection for needy and distressed migrant workers. MWC also facilitates social acceptance and integration through outreach activities, advocacy and public education.

In addition, Project Dawn, setup by the Manpower Ministry in Nov 2020, is looking into how to enhance the mental health care support for migrant workers in Singapore, including a support ecosystem that will improve mental health awareness among migrant workers and provide better access to care services.

PM Lee also personally thanked the migrant workers, saying in Dec 2020: “You are welcomed members of our society. If you fall ill, we will make sure you get medical care, stay in touch with your families, and can return to work as soon as possible.”

And one can be sure that more will be done to support our migrant worker community.

Cover photo credit: TikTok