Feeling uncertain about things? Here’s a message of care & commitment from Lawrence Wong

While it’s all round good news for businesses and majority of the people living in Singapore, a handful might be feeling uncertain about the easing of restrictions.

It’s understandable. In fact, people are encouraged to remain vigilant because as what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his address to the nation on Mar 24, 2022, Omicron will not be the last variant we will see.

So it’s good that Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, who is also co-chair of the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF), published a video right after the press conference on Mar 24, addressing Singaporeans with the calm and reassuring voice of his.

He said: “Whatever happens along the way, I assure you that the MTF remains fully committed to protecting lives and livelihoods to see through this pandemic and ensure that we emerge stronger as one united people.”

He further explained the PAP government’s measured approach and why the nation is not going for “Freedom Day”.

“These are very significant moves that we are making, but we are not going for a complete opening up. And that’s because the pandemic is not over and we have to be prepared for more surprises along the way.”

Minister Wong urged the public to not throw caution to the wind and continue to uphold social and personal responsibilities, and stay mentally prepared if things were to worsen in the future.

He also thanked everyone for the collective effort to fight Covid-19 and took time to explain the new Safe Management Measures and expanded on the additional adjustments in specific settings, like the sale and consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm at F&B outlets, and live performances.

A familiar presence

As one of the key fixtures of the MTF, Minister Wong has delivered news – serious or light-hearted – in his own unique way, speaking with warmth and giving us his commitment to see Singapore through the pandemic.

You may remember his quip about his wife giving him a haircut at home during the circuit breaker. Or him receiving an “arrow” from fellow co-chair Health Minister Ong Ye Kung.

But in delivering serious messages, Minister Wong spoke with much clarity and concern.

Just check out the video here.