PM Lee reminds S’poreans to stay vigilant on 2nd anniversary of Circuit Breaker


Singapore was in Circuit Breaker mode two years ago today.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took to Facebook to remind Singaporeans to continue exercising social and personal responsibility on Apr 7, 2022.

To bring down the number of Covid-19 cases and protect lives, the Government decided to implement a Circuit Breaker – something PM Lee described as “difficult and drastic”.

“Shops and businesses were closed, many employees shifted to working remotely, while schools implemented full home-based learning. Our streets fell silent,” he wrote.

Although major sectors ground to a halt and the economy took a hit, Singaporeans remain united and resilient by helping one and another and the vulnerable, he said.

PM Lee also paid tribute to the healthcare and essential workers, who kept society functioning.

Two years on

Presently, Singapore is in a much better shape.

95 per cent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated while many have gotten the virus and recovered from it, raising the population immunity.

Safe management measures (SMMs) are also tweaked so that they can be dialed up or down when needed.

PM Lee also noted that many are also acting safely and responsibly.

“Despite our relaxed mask-wearing rules, I’m glad to see most Singaporeans have cautiously chosen to keep their masks on outdoors.”

Nevertheless, Singapore is “far from being out of the woods”, said PM Lee, noting that the healthcare system is still facing a heavy load, with healthcare workers working tirelessly day and night.

He reminded everyone to continue to stay responsible while adjusting to the new normal.

“Do continue exercising social and personal responsibility, such as by testing ourselves if we feel unwell, and abiding by prevailing SMMs. Let’s continue marching forward to get through this pandemic together.”

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Cover photo credit: PM Lee Facebook page