PAP has a strong team & I’ll continue to work on strengthening the team: Lawrence Wong


PAP 4G leader Mr Lawrence Wong said that diversity in not just the 4G team but the entire team of elected MPs is what makes the PAP team collectively strong.

He was answering a question at the media conference on Apr 16, 2022 on his take on the 4G team.

“Some of us in the team come from the public sector, and we have more exposure with regard to policy work. Others come from the private sector and they contribute different perspective and ideas. I value this diversity in our team greatly. You see this not just in the 4G team but also in our team of elected MPs. They have their own constituencies, but they champion a range of important causes and issues. So, collectively, we have a strong team and I will continue to work on strengthening the team,” he said.

The finance minister again emphasised his preference of team work, saying: “It’s about us working together…reinforcing and supporting one another as a team.”

He said that a positive point is that the team has been working more closely together, especially during the pandemic.

“Whether it is on party matters, on the SG Green plan, on Women’s Development or on Covid-19, we have come to know one another’s strengths better, grow our confidence and trust in each other, and understand better how we can complement each other,” he added.

Team Singapore

Even though he admitted that he has his work cut out for him, he took the chance to remind everyone that leadership is fundamentally about the team and that he will do his best to ensure that the “contribution from the entire team will be greater than the sum of its individual parts”.

“That is how the team must work – that we synergise, and the overall contribution is greater than just the adding up of each individual contribution. And as I said just now about my own philosophy, where fall short, we will strive to learn and improve and keep on doing better. This is what Singaporeans can expect from me and my team – that collectively we will always do our best for our people and our nation.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also echoed the importance of teamwork.

“It has always been like that, but much more so now. Even with Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he had a core team of ministers who helped him achieve many of the things which Singapore did – Dr Goh Keng Swee, Mr Rajaratnam and Mr Lim Kim San. Without them, much less would have been done. Mr Goh Chok Tong had a strong team too, and I have greatly benefited from my Ministers in cabinet. I think it will be even more so with Lawrence.”

PM Lee also used a football analogy to underscore the importance of teamwork.

“To be effective as a PM, he must be able to trust and rely on his Ministers, and his Ministers must also be team players – supporting the PM, their PM, and supporting the team. And they all have to help the team to score goals collectively for Singapore. So, if it means passing the ball to somebody else who can head it in, you must be willing to do that,” he said.