To the 80,000 unboosted seniors aged 60 & up: don’t delay anymore


One of Singapore’s key strategies in combating the pandemic is getting the population vaccinated.

And thanks to the deep trust between citizens and Government, the Covid-19 vaccination rate in Singapore, now at 96 per cent of eligible population for two shots), is easily one of the highest in the world.

Make no mistake about it: vaccinations save lives. And the number of shots taken makes a difference.

So it is in this spirit that Health Minister Ong Ye Kung took to his social media platforms on June 20, 2022 urging the seniors aged 60 and above who have not taken their Covid-19 booster shots to do so quickly.

How many seniors? Some 80,000.

There’s some urgency to this because the health minister said that in the next one or two months, Singapore can expect a new Omicron wave.

This new wave will be driven by Omicron variants BA.4. and BA.5, which have already reached our shores.

“But not to worry, with vaccination, we can all be safe,” he emphasised.

Indeed, with vaccination, everyone will be protected. Don’t believe? He even backed up with some hard facts:

1. Seniors 60 and above who are not vaccinated at all, the chances of them dying or ending up in ICU is 40 in 1000.

2. The same group who have taken the first two shots but not boosted, the chances of them dying or ending up in ICU is 10 in 1000.

3. Finally, the same group who have taken three shots, the chances of them dying or ending up in ICU drop to 3 in 1000.

“It makes a difference whether you have taken 0, 1, 2 or 3 shots,” he added.

How to get your booster


You can do a walk-in at any vaccination centre. The Ministry of Health will also be sending out the mobile vaccination teams very soon.

“You need to take your boosters. So don’t delay anymore. Go get your booster shot,” concluded Minister Ong.


The next infection wave is arriving. Get boosted to protect yourselves and your loved ones.