Josephine Teo pays tribute to her grandma, urges societal mindset shift on caregiving expectations of women

It’s not uncommon to see women shouldering most of the caregiving loads. Be it caring for parents, spouses, siblings or children, women are often the ones doing the caregiving.

This is the point made by Communications and Information Minister Josephine Teo in a Facebook post titled “Many hands make light work” on Sep 5.

She cited the example of her grandmother, who not only raised her but also took on caregiving roles across two generations.

“I don’t know how she did it on her own! She had a generous spirit and touched everyone she looked after, me included.” she said.

“It’s true – our women then, and even today, are often the ones shouldering the caregiving loads in their homes and communities.”

Time for a mindset shift

Minister Teo, also the Party’s Women’s Wing’s Chair, urged Singaporeans to look at how everyone can contribute to caregiving duties and not leaving it exclusively for women.

“It’s time we shifted mindsets and embrace how every individual can help lighten the heavy caregiving load, and play an equal part in bringing care to those around them.”

While women’s development in Singapore may have reached a high base, the PAP Government intends to further strengthen it, she said earlier this year during the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development debate.

She also pointed the need for everyone to take action in their homes, workplaces, community and relationships in order to create a fairer and more inclusive society, in spite of the various legislation and support from the Government.

Undoubtedly, societal mindset shift must work hand in glove with legislation as a part of the new social compact between people and Government.

Because that’s the only way to effect sustained change.


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Cover photo credit: Josephine Teo Facebook