All the benefits of Healthier SG that you should really know

The Ministry of Health submitted the Healthier SG White Paper to Parliament on Sep 21.

At 39 pages, the White Paper presents a wide range of healthcare related topics and suggestions and is a result of 6-month long consultation with more than 6,000 residents and engaged stakeholders such as private General Practitioners (GP) employers and community partners.

There’s a lot to digest but here are the five key features of the initiative, which will be debated in the House in October.

1. Mobilise our network of family doctors to deliver preventive care for residents;

2. Develop health plans that include lifestyle adjustments, regular health screening and appropriate vaccinations;

3. Activate community partners to support residents in leading healthier lifestyles;

4. Launch a national enrolment programme for residents to commit to seeing one family doctor and adopt a health plan; and

5. Set up necessary enablers such as IT, manpower development plan and financing policy to make Healthier SG work.

TL:DR: it’s a comprehensive, whole-of-village effort that taps on GPs and community partners to make people healthier and improve quality of life through preventive care.

What do you stand to benefit?

The starting point of Healthier SG starts from the GP, who will provide holistic care, with a focus on preventive and improved chronic care. Enrolment will open to residents aged 60 years and above in the second half of 2023, followed by those in the 40-59 age group in the next two years.

1. Face-to-face onboarding health consultation with GP will be fully paid for by the Government.

2. Fully subsidised nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations for Singapore Citizens.

3. Full use of MediSave to manage chronic illness. No cash co-payment needed.

4. A new Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) subsidy tier for common chronic disease management drugs so that drug prices in private GPs and polyclinics will be similar.

5. More rewards for leading a healthy lifestyle under HPB’s Healthy 365 health points system.

And of course, a healthier you.

You can read the White Paper here.