S’pore ‘a tale of two cities’? Don’t underestimate S’poreans: Alex Yam


Singapore is not “a tale of two cities” and those who claim so are underestimating Singaporeans.

As the united response to a crisis like Covid-19 shows, Singaporeans consistently come together as one to co-create a home — and the PAP Government has a track record of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Mayor Mr Alex Yam (Marsiling–Yew Tee GRC) made this clear today (Feb 24) in his Budget debate speech.

An extract from Mr Yam’s speech follows.


This is one united Singapore

I turn to the singular focus of why we do what we do in this august chamber — our Singapore.

We’ve had a remarkable journey close to six decades. One that we hope will continue onwards and upwards.  

As one people, we have traversed through challenges and much difficulties. Difficulties that could have easily overwhelmed us in our nascent days. From nothingness, our unexpected nation has made tremendous progress from Third World to First. Because we have walked as one people, one Singapore.

Covid, our most recent challenge, has seen us at our best. People coming together to help one another through a crisis like no other. 

Source: PAP

Was it a perfect journey? Certainly not. This is not Utopia after all. 

But we have done well. Our common struggle and heart for each other proves that this is a nation worth fighting for.

Challenges will continue to come our way. There’s no doubt about it. How we perform will depend on whether we act as one nation or as a people divided unto ourselves.

We have succeeded and will continue to succeed because we act and as one: People and Government together. People and people together.

There is no binary Singapore, one versus another.

Do not underestimate Singaporeans

Regardless of our backgrounds, the Singaporean way has been one where we all play our part in co-creating a home that we call our own.

This is not a tale of two cities.

We must not underestimate Singaporeans and our ability to stay united as one, especially in the face of crises and challenges. 

This Government stands with Singaporeans — all Singaporeans.

Source: NDPeeps / Facebook

This year’s Budget, themed as ‘Charting our new way forward together’, reemphasises that. The indomitable spirit of Singaporeans has stood that test of time, that same spirit of endeavour, hard work, unity, and common aspiration will carry us onwards. 

That is the Singapore Way.


Cover photo credit: Rogan Yeoh on Unsplash