Tan See Leng thanks Pritam Singh for CPF suggestion, says MOM will consider

In the People’s Action Party, we do what we do to secure a brighter future for Singaporeans — especially when dark clouds might lie ahead

And jobs are our top priority; we spare no effort to keep Singaporeans employed. Often, this involves taking in feedback and ideas from diverse sources, even the Opposition.

Case in point: Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng’s Committee of Supply (COS) speech yesterday afternoon (Mar. 1) where he thanked the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Pritam Singh, for his suggestion to reallocate a greater proportion of CPF contributions for younger members to the Special Account.

“This was raised by Ms Cheryl Chan during the CPF Amendment Bill in 2021, and by Mr Saktiandi Supaat during his cut. We are considering this idea and we are very glad that members have come up to support it. And I sincerely hope that if and when we do eventually put up the proposal the Workers’ Party will be in full support of it.”

In his speech, Minister Tan also provided three main themes that cover his Ministry’s priorities for this year.

“First, seizing opportunities with you. Number two, strengthening support for you. And last but not least, securing better workplaces with you.”

Seizing opportunities with you

Workers and businesses can utilise Job Transformation Maps (JTMs) to improve one’s career health and remain competitive, shared Minister Tan.

10 JTMs covering sectors like accounting and logistics are now active, and more will launch this year.

CareersFinder, which uses data to integrate jobs and training recommenders, is launching in the third quarter of 2023 on the MyCareerFutures web portal. It comes after the Government heard that workers prefer to explore job opportunities and skills upgrading simultaneously as these are inter-related.

Skilled trades are being redesigned in partnership with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to offer better salaries and progression ladders. This will let the labour market provide multiple definitions of success.

 “Hands-on work — the craft required to make something well, to fix a complex machine —  is just as important for society to function,” said Minister Tan.

“This is as Mr Edward Chia and Mr Pritam Singh have also highlighted,” noted Minister Tan.

Strengthening support for you

Retirement adequacy also continues being enhanced for all segments of workers, including platform workers, lower-wage workers and seniors.

In particular, a more robust Workfare system will provide up to $4200 in annual payouts in 2023, compared to $4000 in 2022. Over half a million low-wage workers will benefit.

Securing better workplaces with you

Workplace fairness is a Government priority as well.

“All forms of discrimination are not tolerated,” said Minister Tan.

“This is our national policy, and it is reflected in the Tripartite Guidelines for Fair Employment Practices today.”

Where the PAP Government’s tradition of tripartite partnership unites employees, employers and the public sector, the Tripartite Committee recently (Feb 13) recommended that the new legislation provide stronger protection against discrimination on the grounds of nationality, age, sex, race, religion, disability and mental health conditions.

“We will continue to engage employers, employees, HR partners and other key stakeholders to make clear the intent of the legislation and the whole-of-society effort required to uphold workplace fairness,” said Minister Tan.

“We will continue to welcome all feedback, including from MPs today. The Tripartite Committee will take the feedback into consideration for its final recommendations.”

Images via MCI, TAFEP/ Facebook, MOMsingapore/ YouTube