The PAP understands that ‘in order to realise Health for All, we also need All for Health’ 


Singapore’s seniors will age gracefully, with ample social and health support for an aged-care system in neighbourhoods.  

There is also Healthier SG coming later this year. It is an ongoing strategy for every Singaporean to take steps towards better health and quality of life — preventing illness is just better for everyone than treating it. 

These are possible because the PAP Government will support healthcare beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and have whole-of-Government efforts for consistent and sustainable support

“It’s only with everyone’s action that we can improve the health of individuals and of our nation,” said Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung to Parliament this Wednesday (May 10).  

The PAP made it a point that Singaporeans would stay safe and healthy together (and resoundingly delivered) afterall. And it is a party which consistently thinks for the long-term and for the good of Singaporeans. 

Active lifestyles with Active Health Labs 

One easy (and fun) way the Government is helping us Singaporeans keep fit (and boost our community spirit ? Active Health by Sport SG

Source: Eric Chua / Facebook 

“Head down to our Active SG sports centres located islandwide, try out the various programs and activities, and to visit our Active Health Labs to kickstart your health and wellness journey,” said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development Eric Chua. 

All-round health education 

The Ministry of Education teaches students how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle: To exercise regularly, sleep enough and eat healthy. 

“The Health Promotion Board — HPB — works with schools and IHLs [Institutes of Higher Learning] that wish to adopt programs such as the Active Youth Programme to increase physical activity participation through regular contemporary workout sessions,” said Minister of State for Education Gan Siow Huang. 

Plus, the ongoing Healthy Meals in Schools Programmes in all schools means that healthy eating is easier (and no more unhealthy foods like deep-fried meat). 

Source: Gan Siow Huang / Facebook 

The Character and Citizenship Education curriculum teaches students about common mental health issues and the importance of help-seeking, added MOS Gan. 

Mental health, oral health 

“Good mental health is essential. And it lies along a spectrum and is multi-faceted,” said Minister of State for Health Janil Puthucheary. 

So multiple stakeholders from the health, social and community sectors are already involved: Under the Community Mental Health Master Plan, MOH, the Agency for Integrated Care and social service agencies have established community mental health teams across Singapore. 

“These teams provide mental health education to residents and bring care such as mental health screening, assessment and therapy closer to home where there’s less stigma and individuals feel safe to seek help,” said MOS Puthucheary. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is working with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to help seniors and people with disabilities (PWDs) get primary dental care.  

Source: Janil Puthucheary / Facebook  

“The Ministry of Manpower will also continue to explore working with key partners such as NGOs to facilitate accessible dental care for migrant workers and provide oral health education,” added the MOS. 

He also noted that the Health Information Bill and IT innovations will support data-sharing that will improve integrated care for patients. 

All for Health 

“Our public service has a long history of interagency collaboration,” said Minister Ong. 

There was the Ministry of Communications and Information dispelling falsehoods about vaccines during the pandemic and the Ministry of Transport is consistently providing green spaces for active living and Silver Zones for seniors, he added. 

And Minister Ong noted that these collaborations will become even tighter. This since Singapore is an ageing society (with all the implications across multiple areas that means) and the gains made post-COVID means that the time is now right for a major healthcare transformation through Healthier SG.    

“In order to realise ‘Health for All’, we also need ‘All for Health’,” said Minister Ong.  

And healthcare is a long-term commitment for individuals after all. 

Source: Ong Ye Kung / Facebook 

So these PAP Government efforts across ministries are ramping up. This so that Singaporeans get support for their vital health journeys all along the way.