Over 630k raised by PAP Women’s Wing for new Mothers and Children Package 


It is no exaggeration to say that mothers play a monumental part in our lives. From the first release of oxytocin since birth, a chemical inevitability marks the beginning of a lifelong bond with our mothers. Subsequently, like a magician, mothers wear a multitude of hats. They keep the house in order while keeping us out of trouble. They nag, listen, empathise and forgive. They are our caregiver, best friend, and sometimes soothsayer, all rolled into one.  

That is why we come together as a nation every second Sunday of May to pay tribute to all mothers. To honour them for being the unsung heroes, silent cheerleaders and foundation of our family life. 

Honouring our mothers on this special day 

As part of our Mother’s Day celebration this year, the PAP Women’s Wing (WW) and the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) have partnered to raise $637,000 for mothers and children in need.  

With this Mothers and Children Package, supermarket vouchers will be provided to beneficiaries by ground volunteers, which will help families stretch their household budgets during trying times.

Speaking at the PAP WW Mother’s Day Commemoration event, WW Chairwoman Sim Ann shared that with the cost of living being a huge concern now, it is all the more important to do a bit more for mothers and their families who may need a little extra help in tackling daily challenges.  

“So what we’re doing here today is our modest effort for the mothers and children in the community, and we hope that this gives them that little bit of extra help over and above Government assistance schemes,” she added.  

In addition to supporting families through tough times, Ms Sim unveiled the Cherished Family Recipe Collection at the same event. With a repository of 60 inter-generational recipes shared by community volunteers, this is the ultimate tribute and love letter to all mothers.  

After all, in our stoic Asian culture, nothing screams love more than a mother’s cooking. The simple, home-cooked fare that nourishes our minds and sustains our souls, keeping us grounded in a place we call home.  

But of course, food is not just about sustenance and filling our stomachs, added Ms Sim.  

“Each dish is a representation of our culture, our heritage and our identity…And in passing our recipes to the next generation, they also contribute to strengthening the Singapore identity and keep our communities together.” 

Making a difference, 60 years and counting  

Mother’s Day is a cause for celebration, but honouring and supporting mothers is an ongoing and collective effort. The real work lies not in a day of festivities but in the other 364 days of outreach, lobbying and activism.  

As Ms Sim shared in her speech, the PAP WW has been steadfast in advocating and championing the needs and welfare of mothers in areas such as childcare, housing and finances since its inception. An example is the new Family Justice Reform Bill announced in Parliament last week, bringing about financial relief to divorcing parties (especially women) by deterring ex-spouses from reneging on their maintenance orders.  

If women hold up half the sky, mothers are the glue that binds families, if not society, together. As we honour the dedication of all mothers on this important day, let us also stand together, push for change and empower all women (and mothers) to live their best life.  

Photo Source: Sim Ann via Facebook