Building a liveable and enduring city together  


Have you thought about how Singapore can become a more liveable and enduring city? For some, it might be a desire to live in distinctive neighbourhoods that reflect their heritage. For others, perhaps a longing for more recreational spaces amidst a concrete jungle. But whatever it is, the diversity of views matters as we seek to build a Singapore with inclusive and meaningful spaces for everyone to live, work and play.  

We will translate and implement the strategies identified during the Long-Term Plan Review on the ground over the next 10 to 15 years, shared Minister for National Development Desmond Lee during the launch of the Draft Master Plan 2025 Conversations (DMP25) earlier this month. But before that, we want to hear your ideas at the upcoming engagement sessions, urged Minister Lee.  

Shaping our home for the future 

So, what can Singaporeans expect from DMP25?  

Incorporating ideas gathered from feedback sessions as part of Forward SG, DMP25 will include plans to build more public housing options in central locations, such as the 7000 HDB flats in Bayshore overlooking the East Coast seafront. In addition, there will be more spaces and facilities to support active living. One such example is the newly opened Bishan-to-City (B2C) park connector, which will allow seamless movement from Bishan to Marina Bay when fully complete by 2027.  

Next, with space at a premium, creative land use that includes underground and mixed-use sites will become increasingly common. Moreover, studies are also underway on how Singapore can better protect its coastlines and build up its heat resilience to withstand the effects of climate change. 

Urban planning in a land-scarce nation can be fraught with difficulties. However, careful stewardship of resources, shaped through long-term policies and public engagement exercises, has turned Singapore into one of the most meticulously planned yet vibrant cities globally. 

“With many competing needs (and) the increasingly diverse aspirations of Singaporeans, our choices on how we use our land may not necessarily meet everyone’s expectations,” said Minister Lee. But together, through dialogues and conversations, we can develop win-win solutions to navigate trade-offs and manage land use, added the Minister.  

In many ways, DMP25 is an extension of Forward SG, allowing us to turn our ideas into reality and play a part towards building a liveable and enduring city for the ages. More importantly, it is also a chance for all Singaporeans to have their voices heard, aspirations known, and dreams fulfilled in a nation we call home. 

Photo Source: URA/ Desmond Lee via Facebook