In Pictures – Its one man down in the West Coast, but remaining MPs step up to the plate 


Amidst the political maelstrom they find themselves in, the remaining West Coast GRC MPs have stoically ploughed on. That is because providing residents with care and support has always been a priority for our PAP MPs.  

“Since July 2023, my fellow MPs Ms Rachel Ong, Ms Foo Mee Har, Mr Patrick Tay, Mr Ang Wei Neng and myself have stepped up to cover Mr Iswaran’s duties on the ground,” said Minister for National Development Desmond Lee.  

Besides the quintessential Meet-the-People sessions, here is a quick look at what our West Coast MPs have been up to.  

Desmond Lee: Supporting our seniors to stay fit and healthy  

It is all about preventive care now that Healthier SG is in full swing. During a recent Active Ageing Festival, our seniors were introduced to many of the health, fitness and wellness services in our community, said Minister Lee. There was also a functional screening exercise to test their eyesight and hearing and look into their dental needs, added the Minister. 

Rachel Ong: Checking in with residents on weekly house visits  

Going door-to-door on house visits is the kind of human touch that technology cannot replicate. It is also the most heartfelt way to connect with residents and hear them out. While it has taken MP Ong two separate trips to visit every household at Blk 75 in Telok Blangah, seeing our resident uncles and aunties in good health and witnessing their camaraderie makes it all worthwhile, said MP Ong.  

Foo Mee Har: Helping residents with their cost of living    

Working with volunteers from the Fridge Restock Community (FRC), MP Foo has been distributing rescued vegetables twice a month to the Gek Poh community. And the reason for its popularity? The ability to kill two birds with one stone. In this case, reducing food waste and the carbon footprint that goes into producing them while helping to ease the cost of living pressure for residents.  

“This initiative is particularly aimed at supporting our Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation cardholders. Our residents greatly appreciate having access to free vegetables that are still good to consume,” said MP Foo.  

Patrick Tay: Minimising the hassle of recycling  

It is safe to say that many households are keen on sorting out their rubbish and recycling certain items. The problem is – they have no idea where the best place is to dispose of unwanted items and give them a second lease of life. Therefore, MP Tay has made sure that there is plenty of recycling infrastructure dotted around his constituency. From textile recycling machines to shoe recycling bins, MP Tay is making it easy for everyone to go green. 

Ang Wei Neng: Explaining what the HIP package is all about  

Spalling concrete and ceiling leakages are common occurrences in older flats. It is also what the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) seeks to fix, alongside optional improvements to upgrade bathrooms, gates and doors at up to a 95% subsidy. “I met many Nanyang residents living at Blk 711-731 this morning and urged them to vote for the free basic,” said MP Ang as he explained the benefits of the program and answered their queries. 

Photo Source: Desmond Lee/Rachel Ong/Foo Mee Har/Patrick Tay/Ang Wei Neng via Facebook