Disrespectful of Leong Mun Wai to make false claims


NCMP Leong Mun Wai claimed on social media that a needy West Coast husband-and-wife senior couple gets only a Home Caregiving Grant from the Government and nothing else despite their difficult circumstance. This is false.    

A quick check with Government agencies is all it takes. Instead Mr Leong went ahead to post falsehoods on social media. Perhaps he was aiming to get the POFMA direction as a badge of honour. But please give a care for the family. They have to live with the consequences,

Mr Leong’s false claims prompted agencies to provide the following facts to set the record straight: 

  1. The couple has received about $39,000 in aid total from the public sector and community partners since 2021. This includes NTUC vouchers, CDC utility vouchers and $21,000 in ComCare assistance. 
  2. The wife did not have to pay any cash out-of-pocket for her follow-up physiotherapy sessions at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Rather, Government subsidies and MediFund fully covered each of these $25 sessions. 
  3. The couple has assistance with transport. They have Government Public Transport Vouchers (PTVs). Community care providers help the husband with subsidised medical escort and transport. 

First, no one likes to have their personal and confidential information made public for all to see. Mr Leong – please don’t sabo others.

Second, verify fact and don’t disrespect what other Singaporeans are doing to help others

There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to support families in need.

Doing community work is about impacting lives, not about scoring political points at the expense of others.

By claiming that no support is given to the couple, Mr Leong is disrespecting the dedication and commitment of so many people, including a PA staff who paid out of his own pocket to the doctors and nurses who cared for the wife during her leg operation. 

Source: JurongHealth Campus / Facebook 

So please, check before commenting or posting. Do it for the Singaporeans who are dedicating time and effort to care for others.

Let us agree that it is in Singaporeans’ interest that political leaders don’t score points through false claims. This is not the politics we want here.

For country, for people.