CDC vouchers help citizens, local merchants and hawkers


JUST CLICK here to find out where you can spend the latest tranche of $300 Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers for your household. You will notice immediately from the link that they are redeemable at “the nearest participating hawkers, heartland merchants and supermarkets”. 

There is a very good reason why: The PAP Government is all in for helping every Singaporean cope with rising global prices. That starts at home. 

This focus on the heartland means CDC vouchers for every household to buy everyday groceries easily. Hearty hawker fare for a meal afterwards at your local hawker centre also. It also means getting new home items from a neighbourhood shop personally set up by your local auntie. 

This is a focus which fights off imported costs of living. The voucher money circulates in your local community, multiplying its benefits. It works for you — and it helps small business owners. 

This is how we support each other through difficult times. The PAP’s whole-of-government approach, from the Ministry of Finance budgeting for the vouchers to Open Government Products (OGP), GovTech designing the online redemption platform, makes this help possible. 

“There are approximately 23,000 participating hawkers and heartland merchants, and CDCs have continued to onboard more,” said Deputy Prime Minister Gan Kim Yong when he launched the vouchers at West Coast Community Centre last week (25 Jun). “There are now eight participating supermarket chains with 415 outlets. So, you have many options to use the vouchers.” 

“[We] hope to help our local hawkers and heartland merchants attract more customers and grow their clientele base,” said Mayor of South West District Low Yen Ling, who was at the launch with her fellow Mayors (and Minister for National Development Desmond Lee). 

All this is the PAP rolling up our sleeves and taking action for local businesses. This is how we govern responsibly for Singaporeans.

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Source: Desmond Lee/ Facebook 

The PAP keeps helping S’poreans through high global inflation  

Last week’s launch follows the $500 CDC vouchers which our Government gave out in January. That totals $800 of CDC vouchers for 2024. It is the highest amount since we launched the scheme during the pandemic. 

The vouchers are a key pillar of the $10.6 billion Assurance Package which our Government is rolling out to help all Singaporeans.  

Even more help is coming from our Government. For example, there are up to $285 of U-Save rebates in July. There are also up to $1,500 top-ups to your Medisave and CPF retirement accounts each in December. We are here to help you fight high global inflation.