Party’s latest video calls on S’poreans to put aside differences & write S’pore’s next chapter together

No matter your background or station in life, the People’s Action Party hopes all Singaporeans can come together and create Singapore’s future together.

That is the message behind a video published on Aug 16.

Titled “To Gather”, the short video sees a girl on a mission to invite neighbours for dinner, while her parents struggle to prepare dinner.

Will she succeed in inviting all her guests? Will the dinner even happen? No spoilers here. Watch on.

Renewing Singapore’s social compact

The video follows a similar topic that many Singaporeans are familiar with by now: renewing our social compact together through the Forward Singapore exercise.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong launched the exercise on Jun 28 this year.

The exercise, organised along six pillars, is a collective effort led by him and his 4G leadership team and they will work in partnership with Singaporeans, to review and refresh our social compact and set out a roadmap for the next decade and beyond.

In a recent speech at the opening of Grab’s HQ, DPM Wong reiterated the importance of the collaboration between Government and people for the exercise, saying: “This is not just a Government exercise. It (Forward Singapore) is an exercise involving everyone in Singapore.”

There are several ways you can contribute.

First, you can roll up your sleeves and get involved with the various projects here.

Second, you can share your ideas and suggestions here.

According to the Forward Singapore office, the entire exercise will span a year and conclude with the publication of a report in mid-2023. The report will set out policy recommendations to underpin our refreshed social compact, and highlight how different segments of society can be more involved in contributing towards our shared goals.

Find out more about Forward Singapore here.