8 quotes from PM Lee to sum up NDR 2022

Is it angry? Is it happy? Did they say “tuh” or “duh”? “Ker” or “ger”? Otherwise you grow up with a blank space in your brain.

– On the need to relax mask wearing in schools. Singapore will be relaxing Covid-19 restrictions further, only mandating mask-wearing in public transport and in healthcare settings. 

Source: Ministry of Education/Facebook

We must take National Service seriously and keep the SAF and Home Team strong and credible. If we do not defend ourselves, no one is going to defend us on our behalf.

– On the need for Singaporeans to prepare ourselves psychologically and avoid getting caught up in power rivalry amid worsening geopolitical tensions in the world. 

Source: Singapore Army/Facebook

Early in the pandemic when we raised the DORSCON from Yellow to Orange, it triggered a small scramble. I was hosting my Chap Goh Mei dinner that evening. Suddenly, every phone was buzzing. My guests were receiving and sharing pictures of empty supermarket shelves…I told them, “Don’t worry, Chan Chun Sing is on it (he was then MTI minister).” I had faith in him so I told them, “I promise you won’t have to eat combat rations!” 

– On how Singapore managed to avoid running out of groceries and essential goods during the pandemic because the Government planned ahead for such a situation.  

From the national point of view, private sexual behaviour between consenting adults does not raise any law and order issue. There is no justification to prosecute people for it nor to make it a crime.

– On repealing Section 377A of the Penal Code. PM Lee added that most people accept that a person’s sexual orientation and behaviour is a private and personal matter, and that sex between men should not be a criminal offence.

We too do not want the repeal to trigger wholesale changes in our society. We will maintain our current family-oriented approach and the prevailing norms and values of Singapore society. Hence, even as we repeal 377A, we will uphold and safeguard the institution of marriage…What we seek is a political accommodation, one that balances different legitimate views and aspirations among Singaporeans.

– On the Singapore government’s cautious approach towards the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code. 

We awarded scholarships to hundreds of guppies to study biomedical sciences all the way to PhD, and the guppies trained under the whales with a goal that one day they themselves would grow into whales.

– On Singapore’s early decision to welcome top talents (“whales”) from the biomedical industry who mentored our local talents (“guppies”) and helped establish Singapore as a biomedical hub.

Source: MDIS

Our problem is not finding the space to build enough flats nor keeping homes affordable for Singaporeans. We know how to do that. Our problem is having enough babies to grow up and live in them!

– On Singapore having enough space for future generations. 

Source: HDB





– PM Lee performed a little Covid-19-themed rap during his Chinese speech. It translates to: Wash your hands diligently, wear your mask. Test yourself if you have symptoms. Isolate yourself if you get two red lines on your Covid-19 test. Don’t hesitate to take your vaccine shots.”

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