Heartwarming animated short shows how S’poreans can help each other overcome challenges & uncertainties


Ah Ma sits alone at home during the start of Threads, our Party’s just-released (Dec 18) animated short.

Heavy bags, general household clutter and stacks of bad news are piling up in her flat; thick threads tangle all this bric-à-brac together.

These challenging threads are around her piggy bank and hands too. It’s been hard times for Ah Ma.

And, we soon find, for the encik next door as well. Also the young WFH guy typing away on his laptop.

We won’t tell you exactly what happens next because no spoilers please.

But we will say that what we do like is that Threads has no dialogue; its producer, award-winning studio animation and VFX studio Robot Playground Media simply set it to a musical score.

#TakeActionWith Us

We do think that this lack of dialogue is all the better for showing you, me and everyone else Thread’s message for Singaporeans: last year wore us down with its challenges and uncertainties, but we found ways to move forward together.  

“The road ahead will not be easy, but we can always choose how to respond. Do we stand alone, or reach out? Lie low, or show up? Build up, or tear down?” posted the PAP about the well-received animation.

“Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours… we all have the ability to take action for them. It is the thread that binds us together as a community.”

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong also posted about Threads that same day.

“I have been asked many times this year about my personal hopes for Singapore,” he began.

“I always come back to a Singapore where everyone has something to contribute to the common good; where each person uplifts their fellow citizens; and together, we build the best home not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.”

Threads coalesces all this.

“This film captures that hope, and reflects the social compact I hope People’s Action Party, together with every Singaporean, can forge and cement as we take Singapore forward,” DPM Wong added.

“May it remind you of the ties that matter and inspire you to keep choosing action for your loved ones, in your own way.”