2022 roundup: Decisive strategy & direction at PAP Conference 2022


To round off 2022, Petir.sg is looking back at moments where our Party decisively took action this year.

That picture up there? It’s a front-row view of the PAP Awards & Conference on November 6 this year.

Honestly, a 3,500-strong gathering like this was simply impossible two years ago.

Singapore’s come a long way since the worst days of the pandemic, and this testifies to the forward-thinking and quick actions of the PAP Government.

And testament too to the high-trust society that exists in Singapore today.  

Singapore can take a wrong turn, though — which will compound the challenges of the uncertain times ahead.

Hence, amidst the high spirits of the Conference, it was reassuring to have Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong pledge strong leadership and clear direction for the years ahead.

PM Lee’s battle plan

Even though the PAP has delivered on its policies and promises election after election over the years, it is not enough, said PM Lee.

“We need to convert the people’s approval of our performance and support for policies into strong votes for the PAP in order to continue standing out as a clear choice for votes. And that means we need to do the political work. We must win the political battle.”

This will be done through three strategies.

“We must put across our political message, we must counter opposition moves, we must work the ground,” said the Prime Minister.

So we convince Singaporeans that each Government policy — be it housing, childcare or the GST — includes them and will match their hopes and aspirations.

We hold the Opposition accountable for what it opposes because this is how parliamentary democracy works: both sides checking each other.

Lastly, we work the ground intensively, ramping up physical activities at our Party branches, showing people the Party is with you, for you, for Singapore — in good times and bad.

“In particular, I want to acknowledge our comrades working in Opposition wards. Whether in Aljunied, Hougang or Sengkang. They have the hardest jobs,” said PM Lee.

DPM Wong’s pledge

“I make this solemn commitment: I will give the full measure of my strength in service of my Party, my people and my country.”

This was DPM Wong’s pledge to Party cadres at the Conference.

He added that inflation and geopolitical tensions are both high now. And that climate change, “the existential challenge of our time”, is very present too.

But we will all meet these challenges together; this precious solidarity and trust that we have in Singapore will be maintained.

“And that’s why my first priority after becoming Deputy Prime Minister was to launch the Forward Singapore exercise,” said DPM Wong.

The DPM’s specific aims regarding this all-of-nation engagement exercise to refresh our social compact?  

Helping Singaporeans of all backgrounds realise their full potential and share in our country’s success.

Strengthening assurances and protection for Singaporeans in a more uncertain and volatile world

And to cultivate a stronger sense of solidarity and responsibility in our society.

“So it’s not just about the government doing more,” said DPM Wong.

“It’s also about all of us coming together — everyone playing their part to achieve our shared goals.”

“Because that’s how we strengthen our ethos of collective support, and build our democracy of deeds,” he explained.

Towards tomorrow

And so, with all this work, preparation and vision, whatever the world of the future holds, whenever the next General Election’s called, one thing’s for sure: Our Party’s ready.

Top image credit: PAP