Tin Pei Ling addresses conflict of interest queries over new appointment at Grab

MacPherson SMC MP Ms Tin Pei Ling’s appointment as Grab’s Director of Public Affairs & Policy is currently the talk of the town.

Ms Tin said she received several questions about whether there was a conflict of interest after she took up the position.

And she has since responded.

She shared on LinkedIn on Feb 2, 2023: “There is a clear and mutual understanding that my role as a Parliamentarian is distinct from my role at Grab.”

Elaborating on the point, Ms Tin stated that there are crystal clear rules of engagement she will have to adhere to, whether as a Grab employee or Member of Parliament. 

“The company (Grab) has established clear rules of engagement to ensure that any possible conflict of interest will be properly declared and avoided. 

“Likewise, the PAP has a published set of Rules of Prudence, as well as mechanisms in place for declarations of interest and the avoidance of conflicting interests,” said Ms Tin. 

In her post, Ms Tin also shared how she intends to draw a line and build a wall between both roles. 

“I am absolutely clear that when I am discharging my duties in my capacity as a Member of Parliament, my constituents and Singapore come first. 

“When I am working on behalf of Grab, I will have to ensure that Grab’s interests are safeguarded.”

Not uncommon

Now, it is not uncommon for MPs to hold a second job and continue to use their professional expertise to contribute to the development of Singapore society. 

Therefore, what Ms Tin is doing now is nothing out of the ordinary. 

“As to which capacity I represent at any time: I will be transparent and above board,” said Ms Tin. 

From what we know, the MacPherson MP has gone above and beyond to show unwavering commitment and care towards her constituents all these years.

So, let us drop the catastrophising and put our trust in Ms Tin.

After all, she is from the PAP: a party that believes in integrity, honesty and incorruptibility and expects all MPs to uphold the highest standards.

Cover Photo Credit: Tin Pei Ling/Facebook