From mentorship to rebuilding lives: How PAP Women’s Wing is empowering S’poreans

Over the years, the PAP has worked tirelessly to empower and support women in Singapore to realise their fullest potential. 

As we celebrate International Woman’s Day 2023, here are some projects spearheaded by our Woman’s Wing (WW) and their Branch Chairs to ignite the six pillars of our ForwardSG exercise.

Ms Yeo Wan Ling: Empowering women through mentorship

A believer in the power of mentorship, MP Ms Yeo Wan Ling (Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) is keen to help women, especially caregivers and mid-career professionals, take charge of their career health. 

The result is the Women Supporting Women Mentorship Programme, piloted by the Punggol Shore WW Branch in partnership with NTUC U Women and Family (WAF) in 2020. 

During the mentorship, women leaders from various industries are invited to share their career journeys and provide professional development advice to mentees. 

And judging by how the initiative has expanded to many other areas in Singapore, it is clearly a success in empowering Singaporean women to stay resilient and adaptable.

Ms Tin Pei Ling: Equipping women with employability skills

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From May 2023, MP Ms Tin Pei Ling (MacPherson SMC) and the MacPherson WW Branch will launch the “Every Step Matters” programme. 

Targeting stay-at-home moms and women looking to transition back to work after retirement, participants can look forward to workshops where they can pick up tips to boost employability and steps to live a fulfilling life.

Because every step does matter, we can be sure that the PAP will continue to champion programmes to encourage Singaporeans in their career pursuits no matter their stage of life. 

Ms Mariam Jaafar: Caring for sandwich-class families

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The rising cost of living affects everyone, especially sandwich-class families who receive fewer subsidies from the Government. 

To help relieve the financial pressure for these families, MP Ms Mariam Jaafar (Sembawang GRC) and members from the Woodlands WW branch initiated a quarterly Family Shopping Day.

Aimed at residents living in 5-room (or larger) flats, families can offset part of their shopping bill (up to $80) when they shop at NTUC FairPrice Kampung Admiralty during the event. 

By continually understanding the needs of society, Singapore will remain a caring society where nobody is left behind.

Ms Sun Xueling: Building a fresh start for domestic abuse victims

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Over the past three years, MP Ms Sun Xueling (Punggol West SMC) and the Punggol West WW Branch have been supporting women and children living in crisis shelters through the Fresh Start Programme

From crowdsourcing donations to fitting out rental units with final touches, the initiative has played a crucial role in rebuilding the lives of those forced into fleeing their homes due to violence and abuse.  

Ms Poh Li San: Stewarding our resources by reducing food waste

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Every year, wholesalers and supermarkets throw away tons of perfectly edible food, which is a monumental waste. 

This explains the rationale behind “Colourful Food, Vibrant Life”, a Fruits and Vegetable Distribution project started by MP Ms Poh Li San (Sembawang GRC). 

Once a month, volunteers and activists from SMILE! SG and the Sembawang West WW Branch will collect rescued fruits and vegetables and distribute them for free to needy residents. 

Considering our limited resources, this is just one of the ways we can foster a more sustainable way of life. 

Ms Cheryl Chan: Uniting the community with care packages

Spurred by the needs of vulnerable seniors and families during her walkabouts, Ms Cheryl Chan (East Coast GRC) was inspired to spread joy to her constituents during festive periods. 

Along with members from the Fengshan WW Branch, Ms Chan has been distributing “We Care Packs” regularly to Fengshan residents during the festive season.

In doing so, we can help build a better society. One where we unite in solidarity to help each other in times of need. 

Forward SG – Women in Action

Speaking as the Chairwoman of the PAP WW, Ms Sim Ann shared that Singapore will continue to rally every single Singapore woman to play a role in shaping our society. 

That is because when women are fully involved, outcomes are more inclusive, fairer, and sustainable, said Ms Sim. 

As we continue reviewing and reimagining our social compact in the Forward SG movement, the 93 WW branches will continue to pilot programmes and ground-up initiatives that drive change and improve lives. 

After all, our collective voices and action will make a difference in creating the inclusive society we all want to see, added Ms Sim.

Photo Sources: PAP/Sun Xueling and Tin Pei Ling via Facebook