Parents: Wondering what to do with your child’s $100 ActiveSG credits top-up? Here are some ideas.


Singapore is a land of vouchers

In case you have not heard, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong announced during the Committee of Supply debate that all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged four to 12 years will receive a top-up of S$100 worth of ActiveSG credits. 

This is in addition to the S$100 credit given to all who sign up for a free ActiveSG membership

These credits can then be used to offset the cost of ActiveSG programmes and entry fees into ActiveSG facilities such as swimming pools. 

And now that the March school holidays are around the corner, here are some programmes you can enrol your child in and not let the credits go to waste. 

1. Acquire a solid tennis backhand

A group of kids playing tennis

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Tennis used to be an elite sport but not anymore. 

Since 2016, the ActiveSG Tennis Academy, in partnership with the Voyager Tennis Academy, has offered affordable tennis lessons for beginners as young as five. 

Term 2 programmes are now open for registration, and the $200 credit will completely cover the cost of the lessons. 

Before winning the US Open, Emma Raducanu was practising her craft in a cul-de-sac. 

Perhaps someday, Singapore’s very own tennis star will talk about their backhand drill in an alley off Joo Chiat. 

2. Learn to move like a gymnast

If your child loves doing somersaults around the house, why not sign them up for gymnastics lessons?

ActiveSG Gymnastics Academy has a KinderGym programme specifically designed for children aged four to six years old. 

The 10-session programme will help children develop coordination, flexibility and kinaesthetic awareness. 

In short, parents will be happy that there is a safe space where their kids can jump about under the watchful eyes of professional instructors. 

3. Try your hand at Flippaball

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Despite the odd-sounding name, Flippaball is a modified version of water polo designed for children—and it is a legitimate sport. 

Since it is played in shallow waters, children still learning to swim can also safely participate in the sport. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a fun, water-based activity that combines teamwork with character-building, Flippaball might be the answer.  

4. Football for boys and girls

ActiveSG Football Academy offers a holistic 10-week programme and holiday camps at its training centres all over Singapore. 

Besides learning how to shoot and dribble, football is also a great activity to cultivate lessons outside the classroom, namely teamwork, resilience and honour. 

As Singapore pushes forward with its football aspirations, there is no doubt that there is talent in Singapore waiting to be discovered. 

5. Family bonding with KpopX Fitness

For Kids - ActiveSG

If you are hoping to perform a synchronised dance move to perfection with your child on TikTok, it is time to sign up for a K-pop fitness class open to both adults and children. 

Whether you are five or 65, the class will impart easy-to-follow dance moves to get the entire family grooving to K-pop in no time. 

Strengthening our social compact through sports

Learning does not always entail sitting in a classroom. It can take place anywhere. 

As Minister Tong shared during his speech, “We see the value in life-long learning, even in sports and active participation in exercise.” 

That is why we want to cultivate an interest in sports among our children, said Minister Tong. 

More importantly, sports, like education, serve as a great social leveller and platform to encourage social mixing. 

By making sports more affordable and accessible, it will encourage more children to play together with their peers and neighbours outside of structured school sports participation, added Minister Tong.

Picture Sources: PA/ Pacer Water Polo Academy/ ActiveSG