iLight Singapore 2023: Marina Bay beams bright with sustainable light art!

Singapore has long been built upon great green ambitions. Singaporeans, afterall, do deserve a sustainable city within which to live, work and play.

iLight Singapore, Asia’s largest sustainable light festival, helps show the way there. Just head over to Marina Bay from now (it opened this Thursday evening) until June 25, and marvel at 14 light art installations brightening up the Bay. It is organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and admission is free, though some exhibits need a viewing fee.

iLight’s artworks, curated around the theme A New Wave, use sustainable materials for interactive experiences. They are inspired by the colour blue; a green city mixes well with blue seas.

All in all, the artworks let us reflect upon how we relate to nature. Like PAP leaders (including Minister for National Development Desmond Lee) have mentioned previously during Parliament, Singapore needs sustainable development — climate change is “a global emergency and a threat to mankind”.

Blue energy, green parties, shadows and memory

So an artwork like Blumiwave fits excellently here, for all that it is four storeys tall. It is a series of safety nets and scaffolding that look like ocean waves cresting and crashing into each other.

These waves are a renewable source of clean blue energy, Blumiwaves reminds us. And since its nets and scaffolds are everyday objects, it does show how sustainability is possible — from the initial mundanity of Blumiwave’s materials comes forth an eco-friendly majesty.

Source: iLight Singapore

We also like Block Party, where you can make HDB blocks dance on an approximately 10-metre screen.

Plus, the more you dance, the more they bend and twist and even more gardens bloom upon them.

It’s you grooving and growing your own Oasia Downtown (that building in the city which is just absolutely covered with vines and flowers). And it reminds us of LUSH, which is the URA’s policy that greenery lost when constructing a building must be replaced elsewhere in that building.

iLight is not all outdoor installations, though. Lightwave: Turning the Tide ($5 tickets here)is set inside The Promontory and plays with coloured light as well as deep shadows.

It sets people inside a simulated underwater world to show how human actions affect nature; the world may end up with no more underwater creatures, only their memory.

Source: iLight Singapore

Our sustainable city

iLight also features pledges you can make for sustainable energy use and removing waste from Singapore’s waterways. There are also programmes like the food/ dance fest GastroBeats and the URA volunteer-led Rediscover Marina Bay Walking Tour.

They all do recall the PAP’s manifesto to “make sustainability a way of life, and bring more nature to the city”.

So come down to Marina Bay soon (maybe during this nice long weekend) and see iLight in person! Its blue hue is helping give our green city an even brighter future.