Building a Singapore Made For Families, one memory at a time 

Families are the bedrock of our society and the anchor of our lives. And it is through them that we shape our character and become resilient individuals, said Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli at the launch of National Family Week 2023 last Saturday (June 3).  

But here’s the thing. It takes more than living in close proximity to build strong family ties. Instead, love, trust, warmth, and time spent together are the main ingredients in fostering relationships. All of these are at the heart of National Family Week (NFW), where we shine a spotlight on honouring family time anywhere and anytime, with a focus on making memories through small gestures. 

Therefore, if you are wondering what you can do for family time this weekend, why not visit one of the NFW anchor events at the following locations – Bukit Canberra, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, SAFRA Punggol and Gardens by the Bay There is something for everyone, and activities include sports try-outs, bouncy castles, ball pits, craft sessions and marriage and parenting workshops.  

In addition, if you or your child happens to be a fan of What Ants Do (a book series conceptualised by our Minister of State Sun Xueling), here is a chance to watch a stage adaptation of the popular series. In Adventures with Andi, we will follow Andi’s journey as he overcomes challenges in search of the true meaning of home and friendship. Tickets start from $35, and all proceeds go towards charity and KidSTART, a non-profit organisation supporting families in early childhood development. 

Lastly, while you are out and about, don’t forget to take a family snapshot with the NFW emblem and post it in the comments section here for a chance to win a one-night stay at Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore. After all, why let that perfect wefie go to waste?  

A Singapore made for families 

Promoting and strengthening families has always been a priority for the Government. Because more than being a ‘nice to have’ or a KPI to promote conservative values, happy families are a significant factor that drives our well-being, providing comfort and reassurance in times of crisis. 

As a result, pro-family policies have dominated our political landscape, with the PAP committed to supporting families through all phases of their lives. Today, comprehensive grants help defray the costs of raising and caring for children. In addition, an increase in paternity leave (by law) and flexible work arrangements also signal a movement towards a culture where work and life are no longer archnemeses in constant conflict. 

Finally, there is increasing recognition that families are complicated entities. Rather than fixating on finances, holistic support in healthcare and education is the best way to uplift families in need. 

We are now at the midway point of SG100. And in order to stay united and move forward as a society, we must ensure that Singaporeans can continue to achieve stability, self-reliance, and social mobility through a thriving and trusting family life.  

Because as Minister Masagos said, “Let us work together to build a Singapore Made For Families.” 

Photo Source: Sun Xueling, Masagos Zulkifli, Families for Life via Facebook