The Purple Symphony plays on for “Home Truly” 


Missed The Purple Symphony? Listen up: Tickets for Night 2 of their Annual Concert for 7.30pm this Thursday (Jun 15) at the Singapore Conference Hall are on sale here for $20.  

The Purple Symphony is Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra (over a hundred strong), and is made up of musicians with and without disabilities. 

They are Singapore’s “best-kept secret from folks who are not familiar with the special needs community”, shared Mayor of Central Singapore District Denise Phua (Jun 4), who helped found the Symphony. 

The Symphony’s professional, chamber-trained quality is evident immediately, in fact. Just listen to their past performances: 

Source: The Purple Symphony / YouTube

(Night 1 of their Annual Concert was a splendid success this Tuesday — tunefully so.) 

This year, The Purple Symphony plays on the theme of “Home Truly”.  

That is timely. National Day is not that long away and “Home Truly” includes Singaporeans young and old in its heartfelt tribute to our diverse Singaporean identity — food, culture, places and the stories that bind friends and families together. 

Home is about people too

“I was there to encourage them, in between my weekend events; and as always, very touched when I heard their music,” posted Mayor Phua about the Symphony’s practice sessions for “Home Truly”. 

Indeed, these sessions are part of year-long commitments by people with disabilities (PWDs) towards training their musical skills and performing to the public.  

That is no small measure of discipline and bravery. Imagine entering the stage to give your best — and your best being judged by people afterwards. It can be nerve-wracking. 

The Purple Symphony goes under this spotlight regularly. They come out stronger and more enthused, like violinist Zac and cellist Joseph show: 

Source: The Purple Symphony / Facebook 

The PAP Government’s Enabling Masterplan 2030 (EMP2030) set out last year (Aug 17) how Singapore can be a liveable place for PWDs. Inclusive arts and heritage opportunities as well as inclusive communities are among the key goals of EMP2030.  

“Since the First Enabling Masterplan in 2007, we have made significant progress as a society to enable persons with disabilities to fulfil their aspirations, achieve their potential, and participate as integral members of society,” writes Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development Eric Chua in his foreword to EMP2030.  

“Yet much remains to be done,” adds SPS Chua, who also co-chairs the EMP2030 Steering Committee, which accounted for the views and hopes from across the people, private and public sectors when developing this inclusive Masterplan.  

Here, The Purple Symphony playing on with broad-based support does shine a bright light on PWDs as fellow Singaporeans with skills and dreams.  

Source: Denise Phua / Facebook, 

So go on and enjoy Night 2 of the Annual Concert. It will be an excellent night out and is part of making Singapore home. Truly, as the lyrics to that National Day Song go: 

There is comfort in the knowledge 

That home’s about its people too 

So we’ll build our dreams together 

Just like we’ve done before 

Tickets to “Home Truly” are on sale here