Gardens by the Bay: More than a tourist attraction 


“School holidays are a good opportunity for us to shift focus and look beyond our textbooks,” shared Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing.  

These are indeed wise words. Because like everyone else, children need time to recharge, and the school holidays are designed specifically for this purpose, allowing children the space and breath to explore interests outside of school.  

With one final week to go before the end of the term break, why not check out the Children’s Festival 2023: Nature’s Imaginarium at Gardens by the Bay? Fun, educational and free, there will be opportunities for our little ones to hop on a caterpillar train ride, participate in craft sessions and learn more about nature in a playground filled with larger-than-life versions of flora and fauna. 

In addition, adults can also join in the fun and watch a film under the stars at the daily outdoor movie screening.  

A place for recreation and much more 

Since opening its doors in 2012, Gardens by the Bay, with its futuristic supertrees, has become one of our most iconic landmarks, attracting millions from all over to marvel at its splendour.  

It is our source of pride, a public garden designed for all Singaporeans to enjoy nature and part of our green legacy to create a City in the Garden.  

But more than just a place of recreation, Gardens by the Bay is also a realm of knowledge. Over the years, it has partnered with educational institutions to design courses and raise awareness on subjects such as conservation, sustainability and climate change.  

As part of its partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), students enrolled in landscaping-related courses were able to gain industry exposure and hone their landscaping skills by helping out with landscape maintenance at the Gardens. Some have also taken on the additional role of a tour guide at the Children’s Festival this year, imparting their horticulture knowledge to visitors and building their public speaking skills.  

In a future where learning is no longer confined to the classroom, and skills will matter more than qualifications, we will need the continuous support of industry partners willing to provide our students with the opportunities to acquire hands-on skills and industry exposure. Only then will Singapore be able to support the diverse aspirations of our students and build an inclusive society for all.  

Picture Source: Gardens by the Bay/Chan Chun Sing via Facebook